Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 3, 2012

But What Great Asshats!

Above is a photo of Evan Stone and a few other members of the Asshats4Educators, the Gates Foundation/DFER-funded corporate education reform group that brought about two dozen members to City Hall Park yesterday for a rally to pressure the UFT into caving to NYCDOE demands on a new test score-based teacher evaluation system.

The boys in the green asshats don't look too happy at their little rally and that's because there were almost as many people at the Asshats4Educator rally protesting the Asshats4Educators as there were Asshats.

What was worse, many of the Asshats present were ignorant of their own agenda, as the crack team at South Bronx School showed in this interview of an Asshat member on what value-added measurement is:

There we have an Asshat4Educator in City Hall Park protesting for value-added measurements of student test scores to be used on him who can't explain what value-added measurements are.

As the guys in the Guiness ad used to say "Brilliant!"

The Asshats4Educators rally was so demoralizing for the Asshat faithful that even Asshat-friendly education reform website Gates Foundation/Gotham Schools, normally happy to publish all things asshattery without any criticism or skepticism whatsoever of the Gates Foundation-funded corporate reform astroturf group, had to acknowledge the protest against the Asshat demo right under their ad for the Asshat4Educator rally.

And with the counter rally looking like this, no wonder the corporate reform shills at Gates Foundation/Gotham Schools couldn't ignore it:

Which brings us all back to the top picture of Asshats looking so unhappy:

Wanna know why the Asshat brass look so unhappy in that photo?

Because normally they're used to excluding anybody from Asshats4Educator events who doesn't sign an Asshat loyalty pledge or promise undying fealty to their corporate reform agenda, as Ednotes reported here, but this time given the public nature of the rally, the Asshats couldn't keep the real teachers and anti-reformers away from their little shindig and they got some reality-based criticism of the corporate-funded horseshit they're trying to sell to the public.

So overall, not a great day for the Asshats4Educators, but really, when you're wearing such great free, Gates Foundation-funded green asscaps, who cares if the rally didn't go so well.

I mean, everybody loves free Gates Foundation swag, right?

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