Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Head Of Education Reform Task Force Admits The Goal Is To Destroy Public Education

A destroyed public education system and an a la carte menu of education choices for parents and children to choose from.

That's the goal of the education reformers:

In Michigan, a task force tapped by the governor to reinvent public education has come up with a sweeping plan that would let kids pick and choose offerings from any school that will accept them - so they could take art at their neighborhood school, literature online, biology from one charter school and Spanish from another, with the state parceling out funding to each provider.

Ultimately, public schools might come to specialize, with one focused on science and the next on world languages, said Richard McLellan, the attorney who heads the task force.

Critics often say "the governor is trying to destroy public education as we know it," McLellan said. "That's accurate."

There you have it.  The governor's spokesman says it's not the case that they're trying to destroy public education.

But the head of Rick Snyder's vaunted a la carte education task force says that is EXACTLY the goal.


  1. Stephanie Simon (Reuters) has reported that Louisiana is “embarking on the nation’s boldest experiment in privatizing public education.” She wrote, “Starting this fall, thousands of poor and middle-class kids will get vouchers covering the full cost of tuition at more than 120 private schools across Louisiana, including small, Bible-based church schools.” Louisiana’s voucher program, which is said to be the most sweeping in the country, will “shift tens of millions of dollars from public schools to pay not only private schools but also private businesses and private tutors to educate children across the state.”

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