Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 17, 2012

That Didn't Take Long

B-LoEdScene posts that after a 48 hour ceasefire against teachers in the wake of the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary, the newspapers are back to demonizing teachers over Governor Cuomo's teacher evaluation system.

With Bloomberg's December 21 deadline for the UFT to come to an agreement with the DOE over the new teacher evaluation system, I would expect our newspapers to go back to all-teacher demonization, all the time very, very soon.

And sure enough, the NY Post ran an editorial today blasting teachers who sued over alleged bias in the LAST exam.

The Post, meanwhile, still does have stories up on their website about the "hero teachers" at Sandy Hook Elementary, but you should expect them to be back to their usual full broadsides against teachers tomorrow - lazy, greedy incompetents who need to have their feet held to some fire in order to do their jobs.

The same will come from the Daily News and the Times.

You see, the media, like politicians, have no problem embracing a group of people when it serves them politically and then throwing that same group under the proverbial bus when it doesn't.

So while the horrific murders at Sandy Hook forced the newspapers to halt their teacher demonization for a time, you can bet their dipping their pens in their anti-teacher venom ink right now and getting ready to blame us for not accepting a teacher evaluation system that is flawed, unpiloted and unfair.

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