Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Educators4Excellence Group Members Even Dumber In Person

The Gates Foundation-funded Asshats4Educators are pushing a corporate education reform agenda that includes lots of high stakes testing, teacher evaluations tied to the tests, the end of tenure and seniority protections and other "reforms" that make Mike Bloomberg and Michelle Rhee all wet and squishy between their legs.

The Asshats like to make believe they're a grassroots organization with thousands of members even though no more than 150 ever show up to their events (and some of those are MORE and GEM members looking to push back against the Asshat agenda.)

They also like to make it like they're the progressive, informed ones in the debate over education reform while those opposed to corporate education reform are the Neanderthals.

The crack team at South Bronx School infiltrated the Asshats' Gates Foundation-funded demonstration outside City Hall today and exposed just how informed and progressive the Asshats are in this interview with one Asshat holding a pro-APPR sign:

That, ladies and gentleman of the jury, is emblematic of the Asshats4Educators - a member holding up a pro-APPR/VAM sign who can't explain what VAM is, won't take up the challenge of telling the audience why VAM and test-based evaluations are so great, but boy does he look fab-o in his green asshat.

I am sure that the corporate reform shills at Gotham Schools will write this story up tomorrow and mostly ignore this pushback that came from the crack team at SBS and other teachers who aren't idiots like the A4E guy with the green hat on his head.

But this is the real story from today's Asshat demo - the rank and file Asshats4Educators are even dumber in person than they are when they're showing up in the opinion pages of the News, Post, Schoolbook, Gotham Schools and other reform-friendly sites and outlets.

And in no way should the UFT leadership feel pressured to give in to Bloomberg's local APPR system because a few idiots in green hats are holding up signs saying they should.


  1. I guess the "best and brightest" are neither.

  2. It's a good thing these guys left teaching already for the wingnut welfare, so they won;t have to worry about the VAM and Danielson rubric being used on them. Because even Walcott couldn't save the bozo in the video from an "i" rating.

  3. I love the invite on RagingHorse featuring the cute young thing who promises fun and a green hat for anyone who shows. People used to make fun of the Army for giving out t shirts and sweat bands and the like but I always said they know their audience. Looks like Asshats for Ed do too and what better color than green to show their inexperience, their lack of seasoning and their completely underdeveloped intellectual abilities. Can any of you imagine marching around in a green hat advocating something as crucial as a professional evaluation that we can't even explain? No. And that's how we ended up on this side of the discussion. As the air to a bird or the sea to a fish says Wm Blake so is contempt to the contemptible. This is a truly contemptible lot of braying, marching dummies.

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