Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are John King's Own Kids Sweating The New Common Core Tests?

Nope - according to the NY Times article that introduced Dr. King as NYSED Commissioner, they attend a Montessori school.

So while your kids experience test anxiety, get sick with worry over how they're going to do and wonder whether they'll get their teacher fired or school closed if they don't score well, Dr. King's kids are enjoying a standardized test-free existence.

Like many education corporatists, Dr. King has decided other people's children do not deserve what his children deserve.

But this is not a surprise from this man.

Two of his largest claims to fame before he was hired at the NYSED to privatize the public school system in New York State was starting the Uncommon Schools charter chain (known for a highly conditioned disciplinary environment and high student attrition rates - see here and here for two examples) and designing the structure and curriculum at Roxbury Prep where students also were subjected to military-style rules like marching silently through the halls to change classes.

You know, I wouldn't mind so much if this man subjected his own children to the same abuse he subjects other people's children in the state to, first as a charter operator, now as NYSED Commissioner.

But he doesn't do this.

Say what you will about Eva Moskowitz, but she sent one of her kids to her Success Sweat Shop Academy.

Dr. John King, on the other hand, has no problem being a hypocrite and giving his own kids a genteel liberal education while your kids get Endless Testing and Endless Test Prep or worse.

Maybe Gotham Schools can do a piece on this disconnect?



  1. His kids also won't be sweating in a few weeks when sweltering NYC public classrooms reach 80 degrees. (They will be learning in clean, uncrowded, air-conditioned classrooms)

  2. Michelle Rhee is a criminal!