Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Business Community Worried About Post-Bloomberg Years

According to the Daily News, it's because there won't be a billionaire in City Hall looking out for them:

A coalition of business leaders who flourished under Mayor Bloomberg offered a series of economic recommendations on Friday to the candidates who are jockeying to succeed him.

The business community has nervously watched the campaign, fretting that none of the candidates have Bloomberg’s business background or pro-business agenda.

Wylde confirmed that the group has met with all the candidates in recent weeks. It has no plans to offer a formal endorsement but many of its members are deep-pocketed business leaders who could influence the outcome of the campaign.

Really - these "deep-pocketed" business leaders can influence the outcome of the campaign?

I am shocked.

So in other words, even though a member of their economic class won't be mayor, they'll still be able to buy policy via their "deep-pockets."

I am so glad money is considered speech.

Because what would these poor little millionaires and billionaires do without that "free speech" advanatge they have over the rest of us?

They might have to, you know, submit themselves and their policy desires to actual democracy as opposed to back room oligarchy.

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