Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cuomo Backs King, NYSED On Buffalo

Not a surprise:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is praising the State Education Department’s refusal to recognize a side deal between the Buffalo school system and its teachers union that would have held teachers harmless from some of the test results that are being instituted in order to evaluate teachers.

Cuomo earlier charged that the side agreement, which emerged earlier this week, amounted to a circumvention of a new law designed to make student test scores part of the teacher evaluation process. The teachers, though, argued that there were working with the understanding that the test/evaluations would go in place after a trial period.
Here is the governor’s statement:
“The State Education Department is correct in refusing to recognize any side deals between the Buffalo’s teachers union and the school district. The suggested collusion was a borderline legal and ethical fraud on our students and the Buffalo superintendent was right to affirm that no side deals will be recognized. We promised the students’ performance – they deserve it and they will have it.”

If Cuomo wants to see what ethical and legal fraud looks like, he can wait until the lawsuits over APPR and VAM start.

There'll be plenty of ethical and legal fraud to read about in the legal briefs filed against him, the NYSED and the Regents.

Because nothing encompasses ethical and legal fraud than an evaluation system put into place that is rigged to fire as many teachers as quickly as possible as APPR is.

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