Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Bloomberg's Billionaire Friends Should Spend Their Money On

The propaganda-fest for "raising standards" is in high gear.

I saw the latest example of that when I glimpsed a piece of Common Core propaganda on the subway, paid for by some anonymous donor pal of the mayor's.

But how come none of these billionaires willing to pony up the dough to fund education reform propaganda campaigns wants to give schools the resources they need to reach these goals of "increased standards"?

The budgets at individual schools have been cut by about 20% over the past few years even as the feds and the state and the city pass down more and more mandates that schools must meet.

Guidance counselors are so busy with the "College and Career Readiness" programs that they no longer have the time to, you know, actually counsel.

Class sizes are up all over the city.

There is little money for after school activities because so much of it has been consumed for test prep-related materials and activities.

Meanwhile some nameless billionaire has money to drop on Common Core posters for the subways.

Wouldn't it be nice if that nameless billionaire took the money from the Common Core propaganda ad buy and spent it on something, I dunno, like hiring guidance counselors?

Or helping to lower class sizes?

It seems the edu-philanthropic class only believes in giving money for testing and testing-related activities.
It's a problem that we as a society have decided that we are going to allow the billionaires to drive education policy and education spending because these guys just don't care about anything other than what can be quantified and controlled.

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