Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arne, Joel And Pitbull: Don't Stop The Party!

Misogynist rapper/charter school operator Armanda Perez AKA Pitbull is joining former NYC schools chancellor Joel Klein and current Secretary of Education Privatization Arne Duncan at The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools Conference this week to promote all things reformy.

After a week of "Sex Creep Teacher" bashing in the New York Daily News, I wonder how it is that "Ben "Where Are The Perverts?" Chapman and the rest of the Perv Teacher Squad at the Daily News  aren't getting on Klein and Duncan for appearing at a forum with a guy whose first charting single was called "Culo" and who has another song called "Juice Box" with the following lyrics:

That juice box wet, she keep that juice box juicy, 
I like  
That juice box wet, she keep that juice box juicy, 
I like  
That juice box wet, she keep that juice box juicy, 
I like  
That juice box wet, she keep that juice box juicy,
I like
My life, 

Vincent Van Gogh couldn't paint it  
And I love that you hate it 
I fuck 'em, you date 'em, 
I'm hotter than Satan 
Look partner just save it

Yeah, that's classy stuff - Pitbull makes for a heckuva role model for both boys and girls.

Oh, wait - no, he actually doesn't.

Actually he's a creep (one might even say, from his lyrics, that he might even be a "sex creep".)

But the charter school folks love him and he fits right in because he's an innovator and an entrepreneur and a moneymaker and isn't that all that really matters in the world?

You bet.

Jane Pauley and Margaret Spellings will also be at this reformy shindig.

I don't know about you, but I'm really hoping Pauley, Spellings, Duncan and Klein join Pitbull for a lively rendition of "Juice Box" and "Culo" on stage acting out Pitbull's very classy videos:

Then maybe the Daily News can cover all of that.

Or, more likely, the DN will have another "Sex Creep Teacher" story and just ignore the whole Pitbull/Duncan/Klein soiree completely.

I mean, why should a little hypocrisy stop the charter school/reformy party?


  1. They don't quit, do they? They are still using "public" with "charter," and there is NO such thing as a "public charter school." Stealing public money is not the sole requirement of an institution being public; lots and lots of private companies get public money. Charter schools are private schools that steal public money in order to operate.

    1. Yes, exactly why they are obliged to always place the word "public" in front of "charter school," lest people begin to ask too many questions.