Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bloomberg Refuses Accountability For 911 System

It's always somebody else's fault and his beloved technology always works the way it was supposed to:

Mayor Bloomberg defended the city’s 911 system Thursday even as one of the candidates to succeed him blasted it as a failure and vowed to overhaul it.

Bloomberg said it was “very tragic” that little Ariel Russo was left waiting for an ambulance after she was fatally struck by an SUV, but blamed individual dispatchers.

“The software worked exactly the way it was supposed to be,” Bloomberg told reporters, including our Tina Moore. “There clearly was something wrong with somebody sitting in front of the screen, and maybe two people sitting in front of screens. They didn’t do what they were supposed to do and we’re looking at the procedures. It’s very tragic.

“But it was not a software thing. That’s just ginned up by unions who don’t like the fact that we have combined all of the call takers together, basically,” he insisted.

Juan Gonzalez has reported that the problem was with the software, not human error.

The Daily News editorial writers wrote the same.

Bloomberg once again refusing accountability for his tech messes - and this one perhaps resulted in a fatality.


  1. And to think that we still have to endure years of this viciously-programmed little humanoid running around, spending his billions to pollute the political process.

    1. Worse, he'll be haunting us from the grave with his foundation.