Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 7, 2013

When Will The First Revisions To NYC's Teacher Evaluation Law Take Place?

You can bet the 4-6 evaluations are going to be subject to revision because there aren't enough hours in the day for administrators to carry those observations out.

The 22 indicators in the Danielson rubric are also unworkable and you can bet that will be shortened or simplified.

The state and local assessments are problematic as well and I have a feeling pretty quickly the local assessment will go away and they'll look to increase the VAM on the state tests to 40%.

Back in December, Hechinger looked at some of the states and districts that have already adapted and/or revised their systems.

NYC will be no different.

APPR will be in effect for one year without change, but I suspect by the 2014-2015 school year, there will be significant changes from what is in this plan now.

So much of the current King-imposed plan is unworkable, contradictory, convoluted or otherwise undefined that they're going to have to make serious changes after the first year.

We can help along the way by documenting all the poorly thought out, poorly planned and/or insane stuff that is in this system, getting our legislators on speed dial and blitzing them every week with complaints.

Working with parents and students to get these complaints out into the corporate media, the key is to expose this King-imposed system for the piece of crap it is.

Mockery will help here, as we learned from the Pineapple and the Hare.

It is very easy to feel depressed and despondent by this system, but we can work to change it.

We can.

Me, I want to stick a stake through the heart of the system, cut off the head, and put garlic in the mouth before setting the whole thing on fire and burying it in the crossroads of four different municipalities.

But for a start, I'll work for revisions and go from there.

And as bad as things seem right now, the people who put this system together and the Tweedies who have to implement it know it's a piece of crap as much as we do and they are going to be hard-pressed to defend it as we start to expose the inanities and insanities of the system to the public.


  1. I like your attitude...

    Let the shames begin!

  2. The sooner the lawsuits begin, the sooner this scheme will be put out to pasture. This scheme is really a form of criminal harassment under employment and workplace law.

    If the UFT leadership had not thrown us under the bus, we would not need to retain lawyers.

  3. It will certainly change, but it's tough to say when. There are frequently issues when you allow fanatical ideologues to make decisions that affect over a million people.