Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Missing NY Times Weiner Story

In case you haven't heard, the NY Times inadvertently posted a story about Anthony Weiner's Twitter victims on the Internet before taking that story down and saying through a spokesperson that the story was not quite ready to be published yet.

A little ironic, but I did the same thing with a blog post I wrote called "Can NYC Have A Mayor Who Sexted With A 17 Year Old?", which I accidentally published two days before I meant to.

That Weiner post is up now and I think it is an important one.

So far, Anthony Weiner has mostly gotten the soft treatment on the campaign trail over the Twitter scandal.

But there are still a lot of questions Weiner has not answered about his actions that need to be addressed before he should be allowed to swagger through his mayoral campaign stops.

I think it is important that Weiner come clean on the Twitter communications with a 17 year old female he had two years ago.

Weiner says he did nothing wrong with the 17 year old, but he is already on record having offered to help another Twitter fan with whom he sexted to lie to the media about the sexting in order to cover up the whole mess.

Weiner also lied over the sexting photo he inadvertently sent out to all his Twitter followers and continued to lie for days before he finally was forced to come clean over the matter.

There is much more to the sexting story that hasn't been exposed yet that the public needs to know - especially around Weiner's communications and actions with the 17 year old.

I hope the NY Times article goes up soon so we can see what they have on the story. 

It would also be good to get the perspective of Weiner's victims.

I also hope some other news outlets take a closer look at Weiner's actions from two years ago.

Weiner has been less than forthcoming about these actions in his interviews and press conferences.

But New Yorkers need to know this information before they go to vote in the September Democratic primary.


  1. I doubt the Post and Daily News will let any of this go.

    I am also disappointed in those running for Senator in NJ. I wish Cody was running.

    1. So far, they haven't gone after him on it. We'll have to see.

      As for NJ, Booker probably wins, but I'd love to see a grudge match that really beats him up. He's scum.