Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 27, 2013

CIA Agents Joined NYPD In Doing Domestic Surveillance

Not only does Bloomberg have his own army, he has his own spy agency too:

WASHINGTON — Four Central Intelligence Agency officers were embedded with the New York Police Department in the decade after Sept. 11, 2001, including one official who helped conduct surveillance operations in the United States, according to a newly disclosed C.I.A. inspector general’s report

That officer believed there were “no limitations” on his activities, the report said, because he was on an unpaid leave of absence, and thus exempt from the prohibition against domestic spying by members of the C.I.A. 

Another embedded C.I.A. analyst — who was on its payroll — said he was given “unfiltered” police reports that included information unrelated to foreign intelligence, the C.I.A. report said. 

The once-classified review, completed by the C.I.A. inspector general in December 2011, found that the four agency analysts — more than had previously been known — were assigned at various times to “provide direct assistance” to the local police. The report also raised a series of concerns about the relationship between the two organizations. 

The C.I.A. inspector general, David B. Buckley, found that the collaboration was fraught with “irregular personnel practices,” that it lacked “formal documentation in some important instances,” and that “there was inadequate direction and control” by agency supervisors. 

“While negative public perception is to be expected from the revelation of the agency’s close and direct collaboration with any local domestic police department, a perception that the agency has exceeded its authorities diminishes the trust placed in the organization,” Mr. Buckley wrote in a cover memo to David H. Petraeus, then the C.I.A. director.

Just another example of how we now live in a fascist police state where they're watching everything and spying on everybody.

Remember when the CIA wasn't supposed to operate domestically?

Oh, yeah - I remember.

That was back in the day.

 A day that is no more.


  1. Yes, who would have though in 2008 that Mr. Hope and Change would more deeply entrench the American Stasi?

    It takes a lot for a politicians' cynicism to outrage me. I personally had no hopes invested in the man at that time, and knew that people were setting themselves up for a grand disappointment, but his duplicity and cynicism leave even me flabbergasted.

  2. Unfortunately, this is beyond the mere technological age we live in. It's also about the whipsawing of a desperate, bankrupt government. We will be seeing many strange and frightening mood swings from this new America-some planned, some not.

    In the disaster capitalism model-shock and awe is part and parcel to the corporate takeover of most government services.

    Beyond that...surveillance....and torture ultimately are used to keep the dissenters in line. Solitary confinement, and sensory deprivation and overload as used on Bradley Manning is torture...plain and simple. All of these recent teacher perv articles this week are the shock part. They are loosening up the public to implement their policies...

  3. Combating surveillance and protecting your right to privacy should be a huge priority. There are many tools,techniques and methods once can employ in order to ensure that no one is violating your rights. Counter surveillance is a big part of any effort to protect yourself using tools such as a spy detector or CCTV cameras.