Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Bad Day For Anthony Weiner

Here's how the NY Times described his day:

Anthony D. Weiner’s mayoral campaign entered a dark and chaotic phase on Thursday as he admitted to having explicit online relationships with at least three women since he left Congress, and the woman at the center of the latest scandal appeared on television, remembering him as a “perpetually horny middle-aged man.” 

Mr. Weiner, appearing shaken and at times rambling as he faced reporters, revised his previous estimate of the total number of women with whom he had engaged in sexual encounters online to 10, up from 6. 

But in a sign of how difficult the furor over his behavior may be to contain, he made clear he could not say for certain how many women or lewd images might yet surface. 

“There are more than — there are a few,” Mr. Weiner, a Democrat, said with a stammer. “I don’t have a specific number for you.” Later, he tried to explain the sequence of his Internet relationships: “Sometimes they didn’t go consistently. Whatever.” 

Mr. Weiner’s once-resurgent political standing in New York City seemed to erode by the moment, as more graphic pictures of his penis appeared online and his conduct and lack of candor were denounced from the campaign trail to the halls of Congress. 

Not a good day for Mr. Weiner - in a recent poll, his unfavorables are higher now than before he entered the race.

In the Daily News, Mike Lupica wonders if Weiner sexted with any underage girls.

It behooves me to remind you of that seventeen year old he was texting with back in 2011.

Do you believe him?

He's lied more times than Richard Nixon.

The truth is, it's completely believable that he engaged in that sort of thing.

Where's Campbell Brown and Ben "Perv Teacher" Chapman when you need them to do some of their specialty journalism?

Maybe if Weiner were a teacher they'd go after him...

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