Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Should We Tell The Kids? posted the Weiner penis photos today, sans censorship blot.

I won't post those photos, but you can go and look at them if you wish.

In NYC schools, we tell our students that they must be good and thoughtful digital citizens, they must think through whatever they post on the Internet or whatever pictures they send on their phones.

If Anthony Weiner were to be elected mayor of NYC, what do we tell them about digital citizenship?

Listen, I will cop to once or twice sending an email in anger that I later wished I could take back.

On occasion I've posted something on the blog that wasn't well thought out and later wished I could take that back too.

That kind of thing happens because I'm human and make mistakes.

But interestingly enough, I have tried to learn from those instances and be as thoughtful and conscious as I can be about what I write and send along on the Internet.

You see, that's called learning from past foibles so that you can avoid making them again.

Weiner, on the other hand, went from sending underwear crotch shots pre-resignation to sending full monty shots post-resignation.

I dunno if it's arrogance, addiction, insanity or a combination of all three, but it's clear this guy should not be in charge of anything.

They say addiction is a chronic condition, that it just gets worse and worse until it's treated.

Weiner's sexting trajectory definitely shows that chronic pattern.

The lying, the denial, the delusional thinking he engages in are also signs of serious addiction problems.

Maybe after this campaign is over, he'll finally hit his bottom, get honest with himself and go and actually work a program of recovery.

That, in the end, would be the best thing that could happen and, in a very real way, that wouldn't be a bad thing to tell the kids about.

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