Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, July 15, 2013

Daily News Full Of Shit With Trayvon Martin Cover

The New York Daily News has an astounding cover this morning of Travyon Martin and the names of black men murdered in this country:

That Daily News cover, while seemingly extraordinary, is just another piece of corporatist propaganda.

Note the names that are not on that cover - black men shot and killed by the NYPD:

Someone else noted that a more comprehensive list of black men shot and killed by the NYPD could be put together, but it would be too long for Twitter.

How true that is.

And how true that the propaganda rag that is the Daily News wants you to believe they're on the Justice For Trayvon Martin bandwagon while they conveniently ignore all the Trayvon Martin's murdered here in New York City by the NYPD because linking those murders with Trayvon's doesn't fit into their ideological worldview.


  1. I didn't read the article, but for a news organization like the DN, this is a shocker. And, it's a start.
    I will take it. And if this will stop or repeal the Stand Your Ground Law. That's good.

    As for your excellent question: Who do you think is behind this story that excludes the travesties here in NYC?? Hint: An arrogant powerful man with tons of money and a desire to enhance gun control.

    Have you also noted lately the number of columns praising Bloomberg's tenure in the NYTimes--especially his school policies. His influence is everywhere.

    1. Here's why I WON'T take it. They're using the Trayvon Martin travesty to promote their progressive vision around race when the reality is, they pick and choose which shootings are acceptable to protest and which aren't. This one, perpetrated by a putz like Zimmerman, is fine. But when the NYPD execute Ramarely Graham -literally execute him by shooting him in the back in his own home after they broke in and saw him flushing dope down the toilet - there's not outrage from the DN, no front cover lamenting Graham and the senseless killing. And the NYPD officer has the charges against him tossed by a judge, again there is no cry for justice from the DN.

      Sorry, but the Trayvon Martin cover is jive when it comes from racist and classist elites like Zuckerman and his editorial board. if anything, it's harmful to breaking the racism and class divisions that plague this country because it fools people into thinking the elites actually care about these things when they really don't.

      You can bet had Martin been shot by a cop the DN editors would have been looking for a way to justify the shooting.