Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Damaging Material On Anthony Weiner To Be Released In Coming Days

Oh goodie - Nik Richie says will be publishing more damaging revelations about Anthony Weiner in the next few days.

Additional information came out today in the NY times article linked above that was damaging enough:

The racy online conversations that have jeopardized Anthony D. Weiner’s campaign for mayor of New York began with an angry Facebook message, according to the editor of a blog who has communicated with the young woman involved. 

Not long after Mr. Weiner resigned from Congress, the 22-year-old woman reached out to express her disappointment in him. 

Mr. Weiner eventually responded and, at his urging, their exchanges veered from politics to sex within a week, as he demanded dozens of explicit photographs, said Nik Richie, the editor of The Dirty, the blog that first documented the exchanges. 

“He started putting the sexual moves on her and she just went with it,” Mr. Richie said on Tuesday night in an interview. 

That account suggests that Mr. Weiner’s interactions with the woman, a partisan Democrat from Indiana who thought of him as a hero, fit his longstanding pattern. In rapid and reckless fashion, he sought to transform casual conversations with female fans into graphically sexual exchanges, frequently laced with lewd language and bawdy images, the women have said in interviews. 


In the interview, Mr. Richie suggested his Web site would publish new and embarrassing information about the relationship in the coming days. 

Mr. Richie said the woman told him that during the relationship, which lasted months, Mr. Weiner discussed with her his plans to run for mayor. It is unclear, though, when that exchange took place.
According to the woman, Mr. Richie said, Mr. Weiner had told her that he loved her and discussed the possibility of securing a place for them to meet in Chicago. 

In their conversations, Mr. Richie said, Mr. Weiner repeatedly sought photographs of the woman. “He would demand pictures almost every day,” Mr. Richie said. “He always wanted pictures with heels in them. He loved her heels.” 

He estimated that the woman sent Mr. Weiner about 35 images. The Dirty has reported that Mr. Weiner sent an image of his penis to the woman.

While Weiner is sexting with this woman and sending photos of his penis to her, he's readying his run for mayor, giving interviews in People where he says he's recovered and the like.

Today he doesn't see anything wrong with that duplicity.

I believe that he doesn't see any duplicity in it because he is so psychologically damaged that he can't see it.

That's enough to disqualify him for mayor.

He's hanging on in the race for now, but I'm hoping the new revelations to come will knock hin down for the count.

And I'm still wondering when the press is going to look into the sexting with the seventeen year old thing.

The door is open for that kind of inquiry now that Anthony and Huma have been joined by the latest photos of Anthony's penis on the ballot.

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