Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 12, 2013

PART 2: Where Is Campbell Brown On This?

I asked in an earlier post why Campbell Brown is so upset about a handful of "perv" teachers (many of whom are not pervs, have have actually been exonerated of allegations made against them and convicted of no crimes) while she ignores all the law enforcement officers in New York who have been arrested and/or convicted on sex crime charges.

You can read that earlier post here.  

Tonight I ask the question again as the Daily News, Brown's partner in teacher bashing, reports the following:

A Brooklyn court officer charged with uploading kiddie porn from the Internet has been re-arrested after the feds discovered he was also making sexually explicit videos of children in his home.

Alberto Yard, 44, allegedly took pictures of naked children in his bedroom and also installed a secret camera in the bathroom to record children showering and using the toilet, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Margaret Gandy.

The prosecutor called the new evidence a "shocking turn of events" discovered by FBI agents reviewing 10 cell phones and three laptop computers seized when Yard was arrested July 2.

"He is a danger to society," Gandy said of the sicko who worked in Brooklyn Civil Court on Livingston St.

The videos shot in Yard's bedroom of an underage girl and boy appeared to have been made in 2007, according to the complaint.

Five of the children have been identified and there are "many more," Gandy said.

Yard, a 19-year-veteran who lives in East New York with his parents, was also taking voyeuristic pictures of unsuspecting young girls in the courthouse while on-duty, but those pictures did not rise to the level of federal crimes.

Yard is facing at least 15 years in prison if he's convicted. He may also be hit with additional weapons charges because agents found three illegal handguns in his bedroom including one with a defaced serial number.

I'm not out to smear the police or law enforcement officers with these posts.

In no way do I think the handful of law enforcement officers arrested on sex crime charges, including statutory rape or kiddie porn charges, represent law enforcement officers at large.

But Campbell Brown sure does think the handful of teachers arrested and convicted of sex crimes are emblematic of all teachers.

Otherwise why would she want to strip democratic rights from teachers, including the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty and the right to due process?

Considering how many law enforcement officers have been in the news the last year for sex crimes, I am sure Campbell Brown will want to strip cops of their rights as well and I await that week of articles she will write with Ben "Where Are The Perverts?" Chapman in the Daily News smearing all cops and law officers as perverts and sex creeps.

But I won't hold my breath waiting because I know that series of articles isn't coming.

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