Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seven Dirty Words The Weiner Campaign Wants You To Forget You Heard

Ah, if George Carlin were only here to enjoy the festivities.

So the seven dirty words the Weiner campaign wants you to forget are: Bitch, fucking twat, cunt, slutbag and Barbara Morgan.

Okay, not really those last two - but the first five are definitely on the list.

Weiner only has one public appearance today - later on tonight in Rockaway Beach.

You can bet the Barbara Morgan "slutbag" episode will still be on the list of questions journalists will be asking Weiner.

Gawker reports that what really set Weiner communications director Barbara Morgan off was the jab former campaign intern, Olivia Nuzzi, gave Morgan over her "thin resume."

“And then like she had the fucking balls to like trash me in the paper. And be like, ‘His communications director was last the press secretary of the Department of Education in New Jersey,” Morgan said. “You know what? Fuck you, you little cunt. I’m not joking, I am going to sue her.”

The NY Times reports that reporters in general had thought Morgan had been doing a pretty good job in the thankless role of press flacking for Weiner's scandalized campaign - until news of her  "unleashing a barrage of expletives that would be unusual even in an off-the-record conversation" went public.

The NY Times article says it is unclear if Morgan will be fired for the episode.

I can't imagine she will be.

I mean, who can Weiner get to replace Barbara Morgan other than, maybe, Olivia Nuzzi?

At any rate, I do think George Carlin would find it interesting that the profanity Morgan aimed at Nuzzi tended toward misogynistic barbs and insults.

Why not "asshole"?

Why not "shithead"?

Why not "fucking piece of shit"?

Nope - Morgan went with "slutbag," "cunt," "bitch," and "fucking twat."

She did stick a "balls" in there for good measure, but most of her language leaned in a misogynistic direction.

The language we use, the profanity we use, says an awful lot about us as people.

What do you think the seven dirty words Morgan used about Nuzzi says about her?


  1. Maybe I can get Morgan's job when I lose mine to a TFA teacher. I promise to brush up on the vocabulary,

    1. Here's some help brushing up on your vocabulary:

  2. Maybe she's butch. Maybe she's bitch. Between u and i. , she just doesn't want to give an f.....because she is crude deep inside her vowels.

  3. Maybe she's bitch. Maybe she's bitch. Between u and I she can' t give an f because she got blockage between her vowels!

  4. Sorry, one more try!

    Maybe she's butch. Maybe she's bitch. Between u an i, she can't give an f....because she's blockaded between her vowels.

  5. I think that she is fairly hot

    1. More to the point, she is hot and bothered by Olivia's Nuzzis!

  6. No sense getting hot and bothered over a skinny resume like that one!

  7. Where is George Carlin when you need him?