Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Board Of Regents Will Choose "Dr" Ted Morris Jr. To Replace Dr John King As NYSED Commissioner

How exciting - NYSED Commissioner Dr. John King is leaving his post for a job in the Obama administration and the Board of Regents have announced that he'll be replaced by con man "Dr" Ted J. Morris Jr., the fraud who lied about having a BA, an MA, a Ph.D and an MSW when he was the lead applicant for a charter school in Rochester, New York.

The Board of Regents and NYSED approved "Dr" Ted and his board of trustees (all of whom he had met on the Internet) for their Greater Works Charter School, but the application hit a snag when it was revealed Morris had lied about his credentials and work experience.

Dr Ted resigned from the board and the charter application was pulled back by the rest of the trustees after public criticism over the fraud by Morris forced NYSED to ask it be withdrawn.

Morris was disappointed at the time of his resignation from the Greater Works Charter School, but in the end he may go on to even greater things.

In a statement, Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch stated that the full of Board of Regents will have to vote on "Dr" Ted at their next meeting, but she will be aggressively pushing Morris to replace King.

"We have had enough of the same old same old in public education," Tisch said in her statement, "which is why Reformy John King was such a breath of fresh air at NYSED.  We needed an NYSED Commissioner who had never taught in a public school, who despised public schools and public school teachers, who wanted to open charter schools all over the state and wanted to use NYSED as the power base to do just that. In short we wanted an NYSED Commissioner who was committed to destroying public education as we know it and making it into a private institution for the profit of the few."

Tisch went on to say that she thought King had been quite successful at destroying public schools in New York State but the job hadn't been completed.

"Alas, it's hard for any political functionary, no matter how successful he or she is, to destroy a public institution that's been around so long in just five years. That's why it's important that Dr King be followed by Dr Morris as NYSED Commissioner.  If anybody can destroy public schools in the same vein as Dr King, it's Dr Morris."

As for John King, he is failing upwards, heading to Washington to do for the nation's public schools what he did for New York's public schools - bring about chaos, plummeting test scores and charters, charters, charters...

Tisch said she wishes King well and only hopes he can find a decent school for his kids in D.C. that doesn't have the Common Core State Standards or CCSS testing in place.

"Kingsie is happy to push this stuff on everybody else's kids," Tisch told a reporter, "but he knows he can't very well have his own children attend a school with that stuff."


  1. Dr. Ted wrote the book called Rigor Morris for students or why it takes k-12 to completely destroy the creativity of a child.

  2. Is this just satire? Am I reading The Onion?

  3. Stranger than satire and stranger than fiction, Dr. Ted is the "Real Thang" !

  4. Bravo. Great writing. This is classic.
    -John Ogozalek

  5. The other logical choice was Eva Moskowitz--but she would not want to give up her $500K+ salary and $31M leased Wall Street offices. Remember that is public money going to those Cheater Schools.

    1. I don't think Moskowitz wants the job - I do think she wants to control whomever takes it, however.

  6. Dick Parsons, his bilked investors, his wife, baby mama and love child extend their warmest regards to Mr. King in this significant upward failure. Keep pimpin Johhny and your dreams will come true like mine did.

    1. Yeah, Parsons sure does manage to land on his feet, doesn't he?

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