Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cuomo Says His Education Reform Agenda Will Be 2015 Priority

When he says education will be a priority in 2015, he means this:

ALBANY — Vowing to break “one of the only remaining public monopolies,” Gov. Cuomo on Monday said he’ll push for a new round of teacher evaluation standards if re-elected.

Cuomo, during a meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board, said better teachers and competition from charter schools are the best ways to revamp an underachieving and entrenched public education system.

“I believe these kinds of changes are probably the single best thing that I can do as governor that’s going to matter long-term,” he said, “to break what is in essence one of the only remaining public monopolies — and that’s what this is, it’s a public monopoly.”

In short, Cuomo stayed true to his promise to destroy New York public schools.

Dunno about you, but that's how I read a statement the statement that he plans to "break" the public school "monopoly."

The fight is on.

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