Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Regents Chancellor Tisch Looks To Turn Page On The "Dr" Ted Morris Mess By Smacking De Blasio Over Charter Renewals

As we know from past experience with the "Dr" Ted Morris mess, literally anybody can get a charter school here in New York State.

So it's interesting when we see Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and the rest of her merry men and women on the Board of Regents publicly smack Bill de Blasio and Carmen Farina over charter school renewals:

The Board of Regents refused Monday to issue renewals to six under-performing New York City charter schools and asked Chancellor Carmen Fariña to Albany to explain why the city bothered to send up their applications.

The city had asked the Regents to extend two charters through June 2017 and four others through June 2018, instead of the typical five-year period.

But the Regents questioned whether the schools, which fell below the average on state tests last year, could ever make the grade.

“I wouldn’t vote to keep most of these school open,” said Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch, according to a Chalkbeat report.

Fariña was invited to the next Regents meeting in January to explain why the city backed the schools.

Make no mistake, Tisch and the Regents want to look "tough" on charters as Cuomo and the Regents prepare their "aggressive" charter expansion agenda for the next legislative session, so it's not hard to get cynical over Tisch's public smack down of Farina and De Blasio over these six charter renewals.

I dunno why De Blasio decided to renew the charters, although NY reporter Lindsey Crist raised a good point:

I had a little more cynical take:

In any case, I think you cannot underestimate the cynicism of Merryl Tisch here.

It's not a mistake that she publicly admonishes Farina and de Blasio over these renewals in the weeks after NYSED and the Regents handed a con man a charter school in Rochester.

Nothing like getting "tough" in the latest battle to make the memory of a former one go away. 


  1. What cheap, self serving minions headed by non other than tisch. I wonder if she thinks she does anything wrong, ever. Tisch's christmas gift is under the tree now, she can open it now if she wants to...the gift is a book!! The books cover is Education 101 for dummies. Great buy, got it on sale, $2.

  2. You beat me to it... I was going to purchase for her the book "how to hire a con man 101 for dummies written by non other than Tisch herself!

  3. Think about this...King John and Her Highness Tuschie squander three quarters of a billion in RTTT money while undermining public education over the past five one gets upset and the two continue on their merry way. But make one blunder that might undermine Cheater Schools and King John gets thrown under the bus. It tells you what the agenda is--and who is setting the priority for NYSED. King was just a lap-dog for the delusional one. Keep the pressure on Tisch is presently taking heavy doses of Xanax (if you have heard her interviewed recently you probably are aware of this) and she will soon bow out if the criticism she deserves continues!