Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuomo: More Ineffective Teacher Ratings Coming Next Year

From the Wall Street Journal on the release of the teacher evaluation ratings:

The vast majority of teachers and principals across New York got high grades for their work last year, state data showed Tuesday, prompting top education officials to call for tougher evaluations.

The release marked the first time New York City teachers received ratings under a new state-imposed system that aims to be more rigorous and objective than in the past.

State data showed 9.2% of city teachers were deemed highly effective, 82.5% were effective, 7% developing and 1.2% ineffective.

Outside the city, teachers got even better reviews, partly because each district had some leeway in setting goals for performance. Beyond city borders, about 58% were deemed highly effective. Last year was those districts’ second under new evaluation systems.


 Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch said in a news release that there is a disconnect between student performance statewide and the reviews of teachers and principals. About 92% of New York City principals and 94% of principals outside the city were rated effective or highly effective.
She said she would push for legislation to make ratings a more powerful tool for professional development.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that “stronger, more competitive teacher evaluation standards will be a priority” for next year’s legislative session.

"Stronger, more competitive teacher evaluation standards will be a priority" means more "ineffective" ratings are coming next year.

As I posted last night, they will look to have the ratings mirror student test score results - that means a lot more "ineffectives" and "developings" for teachers.

I love the language the Cuomo hack uses to say more ineffectives are coming - "more competitive teacher standards."

Because there's nothing better in a school than competition between teachers for ratings.

Survivor For Teachers - Cuomo/Tisch Edition.

If you thought working as a teacher last year and this year were difficult, just wait until next year when Cuomo and Tisch get through "strengthening" APPR to make it more "competitive."


  1. It's also being timed to accompany the skyrocketing failure rates on the new Common Core exams.

    Teachers should realize that we're are in a temporary lull right now, but that the attacks will begin to intensify next year, with teachers and schools targeted as "failing" in accelerating numbers.

    What will it be, NYC teachers? Self-respect and professional autonomy based on resistance to these vicious policies and the people who push them (including our union misleaders), or passive, willing acceptance of an ever-tightening noose?

    1. Have another post coming in a bit - they've come up with 5% as the bottom line for ineffective ratings. They want to see every district hit at least 5% overall ineffective ratings or they will "retrain" evaluation leaders in order to get them to hit that benchmark next time around.

  2. Wonder what NYSUT/AFT/UFT will have to say...

  3. Best we can do (is give up) but we have seat at table.

    1. Randy and Mikey like their seats - makes them feel important.

  4. He is really coming down on all state workers, who are municipal this time around. PEF has their own battle with Cuomo in regards to the privatizing issue.

    Honestly, with his vindictive streak and his popularity being not as high as the first time around, I dont think he can survive this round of attacks in the state. He is becoming the New York version of Scott Walker.

    1. Yes, but then you have something like the fracking decision today that takes some of the air out of the anti-union stuff. Libs are hailing that decision. I suspect that decision is linked to all the other evil stuff he does - gives him "liberal" credentials even as he busts the unions, privatizes schools and cuts taxes for the corps.