Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eva Moskowitz, Governor Cuomo Share Talking Points On Breaking The Public School "Monopoly"

Eliza Shapiro at Capital NY, writing about Eva Moskowitz's talk at the American Enterprise Institute touting the "success" of Success Academy:

Borrowing a line from Cuomo, Moskowitz critiqued the "monopoly of public education that clearly hasn't worked well."

Cuomo and Moakowitz don't really try and hide their coordination much, do they?

The NY Times reported that last spring, when Eva was battling over co-locations with de Blasio, Cuomo coordinated a rally with her:

It was a frigid February day in Albany, and leaders of New York City’s charter school movement were anxious. They had gone to the capital to court lawmakers, but despite a boisterous showing by parents, there seemed to be little clarity about the future of their schools.

Then, as they were preparing to head home, an intermediary called with a message: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wanted to meet.

To their surprise, Mr. Cuomo offered them 45 minutes of his time, in a private conference room. He told them he shared their concern about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambivalence toward charter schools and offered to help, according to a person who attended but did not want to be identified as having compromised the privacy of the meeting.

In the days that followed, the governor’s interest seemed to intensify. He instructed charter advocates to organize a large rally in Albany, the person said. The advocates delivered, bringing thousands of parents and students, many of them black, Hispanic, and from low-income communities, to the capital in early March, and eclipsing a pivotal rally for Mr. de Blasio taking place at virtually the same time.

The moment proved to be a turning point, laying the groundwork for a deal reached last weekend that gave New York City charter schools some of the most sweeping protections in the nation, including a right to space inside public buildings. And interviews with state and city officials as well as education leaders make it clear that far from being a mere cheerleader, the governor was a potent force at every turn, seizing on missteps by the mayor, a fellow Democrat, and driving legislation from start to finish.
Mr. Cuomo’s office declined on Wednesday to comment on his role.

As the governor worked to solidify support in Albany, his efforts were amplified by an aggressive public relations and lobbying effort financed by a group of charter school backers from the worlds of hedge funds and Wall Street, some of whom have also poured substantial sums into Mr. Cuomo’s campaign (he is up for re-election this fall). The push included a campaign-style advertising blitz that cost more than $5 million and attacked Mr. de Blasio for denying space to three charter schools.

And you can see with the rhetoric coming from Cuomo and Moskowitz that they're coordinating again as the battle over mayoral control and the charter cap looms.

It won't be long before the anti-public school, pro-charter ads start playing 24/7, kicking the official "Break The Public School Monopoly" campaign off in earnest.


  1. Wait until the 1 term mayor is out and Moskowitz takes over in nov 2017. Look out. Then you can really start writing articles. For now, it's minor crap.

    1. I was more inlcined to think BdB was a one term mayor earlier this year than I am now. After Ebola and Garner, I'm a little more impressed at his political skill, media messaging and and organizational skill. As are some members of the media:

    2. Eva moskowitch can never become mayor,,,the press will blow her panties right off her wart covered legs as soon as she starts blowing smoke up everyones ass like she does now.

    3. yes, I am glad someone else picked this up...this woman eva moskowitz seems to have warts on her facial area eery reminiscent of a real life halloween witch

    4. I was in Albany at the LOB the day thousands of yellow shirted charter school kids, parents and teachers made the trip up to parade single file through the legislative office buildings.

      The first thought that went through my head was: who paid to bus all these folks to Albany? Then the next thought was: why are these kids missing a day of instruction? It was a ridiculous "sea of humanity" that day last March that was very carefully orchestrated to USE children in order to fill the pockets of the charter school money grabbers. The kids seemed cleless as to why they were there marching and holding signs that were made by 'other' folks. I looked at all the young teachers accompanying these kids and thought to myself: how sad that this is what you have to do to keep your job. I wonder how many of these same young teachers will be retained moving ahead. Many will likely be terminated so that new and cheaper teachers can be hired and fired.

      You know, this is ALL going to eventually IMPOLODE on Cuomo, Tisch, Moskowitz and all the folks looking to kill public education. Once they have enough money you can bet that the scandals will begin to emerge. There will be an uprising of public school parents. I have NO pity for the fallout that will come for the folks who are pushing this agenda.

    5. We're starting to see that - two recent Pro Publica pieces:

      It's clear there's little scrutiny from SED or the Regents here in NY. If they were ready to hand Ted Morris a charter, you can imagine the scandals that will burst forth eventually.