Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cuomo Wants APPR To Play Role In Hiring, Firing, Tenure Decisions

Behind a paywall at Capital NY, but State of Politics has this summery:

At a private Forbes magazine-sponsored discussion forum in June, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told an audience of wealthy philanthropists that state-mandated performance evaluations should be the basis for hiring, firing and tenure decisions.

No surprise that's what he told his hedge fundie and Wall Street criminal friends back in June.

With one lawsuit against APPR already working its way through the system and with more and more of the NYSED data under attack for large margins of error, it will be interesting to see how he argues APPR is sacrosanct.

But you can bet he will.

It's up to us to point out again and again that the data APPR is based on is suspect at best, phonied up or worse at worst.

The nonsense with "Dr" Ted Morris Jr. last week doesn't help the case of Cuomo or the state when they try and push themselves as the "adults" in the room simply looking to add much-needed accountability to the school system.

As we saw when the Regents and SED dodged blame for "Dr" Ted and Cuomo's outgoing lieutenant governor made excuses for "Dr" Ted's fraud, the system that really needs accountability is the one supposedly holding the rest of us accountable.


  1. This looks like fun...

    1. Thanks for the link, Pogue. It's great to see Teachout do this. Maybe that means the unions will take a public stand against the cap increase/elimination. Especially since WFP is on this too - they're just a shell for the unions anyway, as we saw last May.

  2. If APPR is used for firing and hiring, who even cares if it is used for granting of tenure since tenure will become completely meaningless. He will basically be putting 100% of control into the hands of vindictive principals. If a teacher happens to work for a decent principal, teachers will get whacked by student test scores. Either teachers get screwed. It will be high time for talk of a statewide strike if this crap actually goes through.