Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 22, 2014

NYSED Commissioner John King Wants To Eliminate Charter Cap In NYC

No surprise here - the pro-charter commissioner of the State Education Department wants more charters for New York City:

State Education Commissioner John King is going out with a bang — recommending that Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature totally scrap restrictions on how many charter schools can open in New York.

“The cap shouldn’t be an obstacle to opening high-quality schools,” King, who is stepping down as New York’s schools’ chief to take a post in the Obama administration, told The Post. “One solution could be eliminating the cap completely.”

Cuomo asked King and Regents Chancellor Tisch questions on a whole host education policy issues, including the charter cap and expansion of charters for NYC, in a "letter" from his state operations to director to the education leaders of the state.

Well, the pro-charter commissioner just responded.

Eliminate the cap completely and charterize the entire city.

King told the post if eliminating the cap was too difficult, then rearranging it so more charters can open here is another solution.

But you can see where this is ultimately going.

They want to turn New York City into New Orleans - unlimited and cancerous charter growth.

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  1. King needs to get his underoos packed and get ready for D.C.