Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Are Christie And Cuomo Pulling With Their Sham Port Authority Reform?

Christopher Robbins at Gothamist:
State legislators of both parties in New Jersey and New York voted unanimously to reform the Port Authority, an agency with a $7.8 billion budget racked by patronage and opacity, and most recently used to exact revenge on an entire town. But shortly before midnight on Sunday, Governors Christie and Cuomo announced they would veto those laws and thus block that hard-earned reform.  
Democratic Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle of New Jersey sponsored the bill in her state, and called Cuomo and Christie's decision "spineless."  
“We crossed party lines to pass Port Authority reform, and they crossed party lines to obstruct it,” she told

A commenter at Gothamist bluntly puts this veto into perspective:

You can be sure there's some financial fuckery going on when these two scumbags pull some shit like this.  Otherwise, they'd be trumpeting the bipartisan/intrastate agreement from the mountaintops -- and not do this in the middle of Christmas and New Years when the political press corpse is on holiday.

Fortunately, they've just guaranteed that neither one will be president.

Another says:

Blinding naked corruption in its purest form. Screw the public. Until they get their respective 'cuts' from the barrel of money any change will cost, both these weasels will make sure the cesspool status quo remains.

Can't really improve on either of these comments.

This veto of PA reform is going to come back to haunt Governor Cuomo.

Next month when he starts talking the need for "reform" of the public education system, you can bet opponents are going to bring up this PA chicanery to point out how Cuomo is ONLY in favor of reform that enlarges his power and control.

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