Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Many?

Eric Garner.

Akai Gurley.

Ramarley Graham.

Kimani Gray.

Tamon Robinson.

Tim Stansbury.

Sean Bell.

Patrick Dorismond.

Ousmane Zongo.

Amadou Diallo.

Nicholas Heyward Jr. 


  1. I am no automatic defender of cops and recognize there is a grave abuse of authority problem that has proved irreversibly tragic. They should not be synonymous with "heroes" in common parlance. Too many movies and other shows glorifying them and too many cops feel emboldened. But I do not agree, as you seem to imply, that it is axiomatic that whenever a person of color is killed by a cop, it is a manifestation of pure racism and the deceased is invariably totally blameless. Let us consider all cases one by one strictly on their merits. I agree that this will still reveal disproportionate manslaughter by the Law against persons of color.

  2. Last year approx. 125 blacks were killed by cops nationwide. There are 43,000,000 living here. Proportionally, more whites were killed by cops last year. I DO think this should have gone to trial. However, to make every one of these cases racial is hogwash.Google "New Mexico cops kill homeless man" from last year. Look at THAT video of cops killing an unarmed white man in cold blood. Those cops walked too.