Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Black, Puerto Rican And Hispanic Caucus Calls On Cuomo To Apologize For Disparaging Speaker Heastie

From Ken Lovett at the Daily News:

ALBANY — A group of minority state legislators Wednesday called on Gov. Cuomo to apologize for saying that the indicted former Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, is still running the chamber behind the scenes.

The state Legislature’s Black, Puerto Rican and Hispanic caucus said the governor’s reported comments show a “disturbing” lack of respect for new speaker Carl Heastie, the first black lawmaker to lead the chamber, and the Assembly Democrats as a whole.

“The alleged comments made by Gov. Cuomo are quite contradictory to his campaign to restore public trust, and they show a lack of political etiquette,” the caucus said in a statement.

“The caucus calls on the governor to publicly apologize or deny the purported statement regarding Speaker Heastie.”

Cuomo's remarks about Silver still running the show came right after he publicly embraced Heastie after Assembly Dems agreed to an ethics deal that Cuomo wanted (i.e., ethics reform for the legislature, not for the governor.)

In that embrace, Cuomo literally lifted Heastie off the floor, as if he owned him.

See for yourself.


  1. Cuomo busted again this time speaking without thinking about heastie.....cuomos existance and planning seems to indicate that the governors strategy is to use newspaper tabliod mentality such as our foes like the daily news and ny post. That is too create controversial issues that require grand stand reactions such as 50 percent of a hard working teachers career tied to some sluggish,thuggis kids performance on state tests. Yes this is outrageous but this is exactly what cuomo is thirsty for....create noise and now people are starting to hear cuomo, cuomo, cuomo and that is how politicians get noticed. Now, cuomos agenda is obviously back firing on him as he has gone to far over the top with his outrageous statements and demands which have now cost him the presidential run.

  2. As a Republican, it saddens me to realize that the NYS Senate majority hates me. You see, I am a public school teacher and the ruling Republicans detests public education, detests public school teachers and detests our unions. While all of this saddens me, I am also a realist. One of these Republicans haters is my neighbor. I know exactly what he is and what his colleagues are.

    This was posted at 12:30 p.m. on the Albany Times Union's Capital Confidential blog:

    "Skelos said the GOP continues to push for elimination of the gap elimination adjustment budget mechanism, while the Assembly is sticking to its proposal to eliminate half of it. He said the GOP is still in synch with the governor on policy items like teacher evaluation reforms, on which he said he doesn’t believe an agreement has been reached with the Assembly."