Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daily News Carries Andrew Cuomo's Education Reform Water

No links to these stories (they don't need the extra traffic) but the Daily News is doing a five days "New York's Schools In Crisis" extravaganza that is intended to help Governor Cuomo push through his education reform agenda - including "toughened" teacher evaluations, a lifted charter cap, more money for charter schools and state takeover of "failing" schools and districts.

The stories use the same frame that Families For Excellent Schools uses for their "Schools In Crisis" meme, the same frame Governor Cuomo has used in speeches and his budget proposal - public schools suck and it's the fault of the teachers.

They use the new Common Core test scores - the ones the state deliberately set for 70% failing rates - to prove that NYC schools are failing and something dramatic needs to be done.

The stories have parents directly blaming the teachers at their children's schools for why the scores are so low, why the schools are struggling (one parent blames her child's public school for "destroying" his whole outlook on school and life.)

This is "New York Schools In Crisis" extravaganza isn't journalism, it's advocacy intended to push a set of policies the owner of the Daily News, Mort Zuckerman, and his editors want.

The DN claims this is "comprehensive" look at what's working in the system and what isn't, but as far as I could tell, this was a propaganda piece to highlight the worst parts of the system and ignore everything else.

The Daily News itself is a newspaper in crisis - it loses $20 million a year and is up for sale - so this ed deform extravaganza is just another way they're trying to drive some traffic, sell some papers and pick up a little advertising revenue.

It certainly is NOT a fair and honest look at the city school system, however - not when they use the same misleading stats that FES and Cuomo does (like the rigged Common Core tests) and ignore the many great schools in this system to focus on the one's they call most "dire," all in order to prove the system is failing and needs to be dramatically overhauled.

Make no mistake, this five part series coming right as budget talks in Albany are heating up and just two weeks before the deadline for an on-time budget is meant to help Governor Cuomo get his education reforms enshrined into law.


  1. Teachers should look for all the companies that advertise in the Daily News and stop by their stores to let them know that they will no longer be able to patronize these stores in the future if they continue to advertise in the Daily News. Let the store managers know that the Daily News is advocating for policies to take the livelihoods of educators.

  2. Can't wait!!! 51 years old now. I can taste 55. Can't wait!!!!! I'm Outta here at 54 with terminal leave. Can't wait baby. This system is finished.

  3. A. "570 hedge fund managers shelled out more than $40 million in political contributions", yet, "Like Cuomo,several of the deep-pocketed donors are longtime supporters of charter school". 570 = Several? Hah!

    B. Half of the article is one parent complaining about her child's experience. I'd like to hear what the teacher had to say about the situation of "given no homework" and her daughter "not learning anything". Or, are journalists now only paid to cover one side of an issue.

    C. Expect more pro-charter propaganda till the Daily News goes out of business.

    D. The tabloidesque, pro 1%, and anti-middle/working class stance on stories are main reasons why newspapers fold, nowadays.

    E. Ben Chapman, the owners of the Daily News salute you, and will provide any references you may need at your next job.

    1. Yeah, it's a "comprehensive" look at the problems in education featuring one parent who complains, as you noted, for half the article.

  4. Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rahm Emanuel,

    Come down to my school to observe the daily fights featuring girls twirling each other around by their hair extensions. You will also have the opportunity to hear nonstop cursing and verbal abuse. You will be able to use your political acumen to bring the class to order and teach a lesson in the subject of your choice.

  5. I wish someone would connect the dots for the public.
    Example:The recent beating at McDonald - all of these lovely young women are enrolled at a city HS. Some poor crew of teachers have been charged with attempting to teach this motley crew.
    Imagine that a teacher's career is in the hands of this lot.
    I am surprised someone has not blamed teachers for the beating. SHHHH.... before I give them the idea.

    1. Daily News editorial blamed the mayor, the school system and social services institutions for that.

  6. They would better serve us all if they attacked the real problems.

    "New York City Families in Crisis"

    "New York City Parents in Crisis"

    "New York City Neighborhoods in Crisis"

    "New York City Children in Crisis"

  7. It is time that we FDEMAND that Andrew Cuomo, Colin Myler, and Meryl Tisch take the 8th grade Common Core tests next month and publish their scores. Cuomo has probably never even looked at the tests he so desperately wants to use as weapons

  8. This newspaper is a real crock of shit and they have been going out of business for the past 10 years but some billionaire slump always seems to bail this trash out of the toilet. However, the days of this rag newspaper are gone. Their circulation is in the dumps so no one is really reading this crap anyway. Further, my advertising contacts tell me the paper had to give ads away for basically nothing as this paper reaches no one. To all the editors, writers and others at the daily news I say so long charlie, your bull shit can only last so long.