Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cuomo's Education Commission Proposal Will Be Rigged For A Reform-Friendly Outcome

A reader explains how the education commission proposal for dealing with teacher evaluation changes is likely to play out:

This is sickening. The six appointees will all be beholden to their masters. Cuomo and Skelos will appoint four of the six who will surely be looking to screw teachers. The Assembly will appoint two with union blessing, which will give them some political cover that they do not deserve for signing off on this scheme. Skelos wants the panel to be able to impose its recommendations absent subsequent legislative approval. That way the GOP thieves can say they didn't approve any of this, it came from the panel.

Meanwhile, what we are seeing play out is exactly what transpired when there was a mad dash to approve the Race to the Top requirements so we could get the $700 million. Our union agreed to a terrible evaluation system that will soon be even worse. Public school districts did not get anywhere near $700 since SED kept at least half the money for its own purposes (Pearson, etc.).

Let's remember the proposed state aid consists of our money. Not Cuomo's. Not Skelos'. Not Heastie's. We paid this through income, business and sale taxes; through fees and charges, etc. This is nothing but extortion.

I think that's exactly right. 

If the paremeters are as reported, with the Senate getting two appointees, the Assembly getting two and the governor getting two, then the commission will be rigged for a predisposed outcome - the one Cuomo and his education reform allies want.

And the Assembly Dems and union heads will say "Hey, not our fault - the commission did it!"


  1. However, unlike Race to the Top, if the UFT/NYSUT is not on the comission, then they can not be blamed for the results of the commission. Race to the Top REQUIRED union approval and that is how we got sold out back then. As much as I despise the UFT, this time the blame really can't be placed on them as they are not responsible for this.

  2. Look at who the UFT/NYSUT endorsed last November. It's many of the same people that right now are hiding as we get screwed.

  3. Look at what Cuomo and Skelos are doing to New Yorkers on a regular basis. They are both so deep in the stench that they feast on.

    It's time for both if these criminals to be removed from office in handcuffs...

    And as Cuomo is being taken away, New Yorkers may rejoice in a rebirth for our great state...and come together singing "All Things Possible"...the new slogan for the good citizens of our great state in exposing and punishing those who would destroy what generations have built for our children.

    Our attorney-general has an opportunity here, to be what Cuomo has lied about to shield his true intentions,,,the advocate for our advocate for all who live in New York.

  4. Call Dean Skelos and tell him no to the hostage take over to public education . I called and 100's other are .
    Nassau office (516) 766-8383

  5. These rat bastards are so phony its utterly fregen disturbing and quite frankly I am disgusted as can be. Politicians are the biggest douche joes you ever want to see. I mean, really, politicians are so screwed up that it becomes evident why people become politicians and the reason is because they are douch bags gone wild

  6. From State of Politics as of 12:30 p.m.

    Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Wednesday reiterated the Democratic conference remains opposed to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to link teacher evaluation criteria to a funding boost for education in the state budget.

    “The major issue that the conference has is the linkage of funding to the ratification of the decision,” Heastie said. “We don’t believe that the policy should be linked to appropriations. That’s what I’ve been saying to you for months.”

    Lawmakers and Cuomo are discussing the formation of an education commission which would determine potential reform policies.

    While that’s seemingly a retreat for the governor who promised to ram through broad education reforms, Cuomo is sticking to his earlier effort that links aid to enacting the policies.

    The funding linkage remains a sore point for lawmakers, who have sought to uncouple Cuomo’s appropriations from the policies.

    “We’re open to having a conversation on teacher evaluations, but we would like to see that money, the needed money, gets to those districts,” Heastie said.

    The exact composition of the commission still remains up in the air and no deal has been finalized at this point.

    It’s also unclear what policies the panel would ultimately be charged with developing.

    “We haven’t decided anything at this point and I spoke to Senator Skelos yesterday,” Heastie said. “We’ll continue to see where the Senate is and we’ll be speaking to the governor later today.”

    The Legislature wants to increase education aid by $1.4 billion; Cuomo’s budget adds $1.1 billion with the policies implemented.