Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cuomo Says Teachers Are An "Industry" That Resists All Change

The guy who sucks up hedge fund and Wall Street industry money like he's a guy in the desert who just found water says this:

There was more:

Education policy, which Assembly Democrats and the governor have been locked in protracted negotiations, has been the most arduous, Cuomo indicated.

Cuomo said he wants “a really comprehensive transformation of probably what’s one of the most entrenched systems in the state of New York, what’s called the public education system. It’s probably as not as good as it should be, but has always defied change.”

The rhetoric from before the election hasn't changed.

We're a monopoly that needs to be "broken" - and he's going to do the breaking.

The good news is, Cuomo also says this has been the hardest budget he's had to negotiate because the legislature isn't rolling over like they have the past four years:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the negotiations over this year’s state budget “without a doubt” the hardest he’s dealt with since taking office.

The bad news - Cuomo says it's close to what he wants on teacher evaluations right now. 

He also says a new teacher evaluation and plan for state takeovers of failing schools must be in the budget.

So no punting that to a post-budget deal when Cuomo will have less of a hammer to use to get his way.

In any case, no deal today or tonight.

Looks like we'll get a late deal and Cuomo will push it all through with "messages of necessity".


  1. It is beyond ridiculous that politics is involved in the issue of teacher evaluations. Politicians would sell out their own mother so it is completely understandable how they have repeatedly sold out teachers, students, parents, taxpayers, etc. Taken as a whole, members of the NYS Legislature are creeps. They have screwed us for years. They stole billions of state aid through the notorious gap elimination adjustment and their meddling in our profession over the past few years has produced the APPR system and over-testing we are currently experiencing. Not one of them has a clue about teaching and learning, but they don't hesitate to pontificate about what needs to be done to improve education.

    I am so sick and tired of the whole lot of them. If our unions were worth the dues we pay them it would not have gotten to this point. Our union leaders are complete failures. If they had a shred of decency they would resign.

    1. None of them will resign because they are all completely unethical and feckless cronies.

    2. Whatever comes out of the battle over deform, you can bet that a) the unions will tell us it scrapes the skies and b) they'll still collect their money.

  2. High School here and completely not tech savvy save using a smart board. Where can I obtain a device small enough to be hidden that tapes every minute of my classroom instruction so that I may have evidence of competency if I ever need it? No! I'm serious!

    1. Don't hide a camera. Be transparent about documenting your competency and effectiveness. Compile a portfolio of student work, your old evaluations, student/parent/colleague testimonials.