Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dean Skelos, Senate GOP On Same Train As Cuomo When It Comes To Teacher Evaluations

Driving that train:

Lawmakers have left town for the most part, but Skelos said he is staying in Albany on Saturday. Assembly Democrats are due to return on Saturday morning for an optional meeting, while Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie comes back to the Capitol this afternoon.


The evaluation criteria is “the final piece” Skelos said, adding that it remains unclear whether a decision would be kicked ultimately to the Board of Regents, which oversees the semi-autonomous Department of Education.

“We want to make sure it’s strong and it means something,” he said of the teacher evaluations. “The Assembly is unfortunately trying to water it down and the Assembly is, unfortunately, trying to water it down.”

By "strong and means something,"  Skelos means tied to test scores and punitive enough so that a significant number of teachers are fired.

If only Skelos and his Senate GOP cohorts wanted ethics reform that was "strong and means something."

But I guess that's asking for too much, isn't it.

Accountability is only for the little people.

Rumor has it Skelos will be carted out in handcuffs after the budget is done for corruption relating to his son.

Can't wait to see if that happens.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy - except for Andrew Cuomo, of course.

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  1. I wonder what Charles Barron is up to on this. Surely he has the right answer...