Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Education Commission For Evaluation Changes Is Said To Be DOA In Budget Negotiations

The education commission is reported to be no more:

Currently, Assembly Democrats are meeting behind closed doors discussing education measures in the budget.

A previously proposed education commission is no longer part of the budget talks, lawmakers confirmed. Now, lawmakers are discussing having the Board of Regents potentially consider reform recommendations later this year.

Cuomo remains adamant that "toughened" teacher evaluations need to be part of the budget agreement.

Deadline for an ontime budget agreement is Saturday night.


  1. If the regents makes changes to the evaluation system you know it is going to be a shit show. Get ready for NYC style evaluations statewide with additional emphasis on testing scores tied in.

  2. I heard a rumor that the NYCDOE is going to be creating assessments for out of subject teachers. (Assessments for art, PE, music teachers) Has anybody heard of this?

    1. Yes, this is true. Students in art will be asked to make a straight line with a ruler. Also, students must show that they can color within lines and hold a paintbrush properly.

  3. It is obvious that they are out to fire tens of thousands of teachers so as to reduce their pension expenses. NYSUT and UFT leaders are meeting secretly with Cuomo to destroy the teaching profession with an unfair evaluation scheme. Teacher effectiveness is only very slightly correlated with student achievement. Their end game is destroy the public school system and to privatize public school education.

  4. We all know that Meryl Tisch is not only not up to the position of Regent, but has been a disgrace and total failure as chancellor. She lacks the respect of teachers and superintendents and she seems to know that her days as a Regent are numbered. Her term expires next spring and it is extremely doubtful the current ruling Assembly Democrats would even consider reappointing her.

    Tisch is a charter school person and another hater of teachers/public education. Instead of being above the fray she has turned the Board of Regents into a political entity. This has resulted in several Regents being ousted outright or forced out before they could be voted out. The state's founders established the Board of Regents to shield education from politics.

    Now let's turn to a column posted on Capital New York this afternoon. Tisch clearly indicated that the issue of teacher evaluation changes is a political matter, not an educational one. Politics always come first with Tisch. Just read her comments in the Capital New York story:

    Earlier on Thursday, before lawmakers confirmed they were no longer considering appointing a new expert panel, Tisch told Capital she hoped lawmakers would engage stakeholders and try to reach a compromise.

    “It is time for us to gather stakeholders and figure out how we can create a zone, for lack of a better word, where everyone just stops screaming at each other and starts listening to each other,” Tisch said. “We need to have different voices at the table, but everyone who comes to the table needs to realize that no one is walking away with everything the way they see it.

    “Public policy is about compromise,” she said.