Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cuomo's Penn Station Project Behind Schedule Two Weeks In

Well that didn't take long, did it?

Two weeks ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo convened the press to announce that he would achieve what governors before him had not: a transformative renovation of the much-reviled Penn Station.

Even better, he would get it done quickly, issuing a “request for proposals” to developers that same week, with responses due in 90 days.

That timeline, in fact, was one of the very few concrete details contained in an announcement that was otherwise made up mostly of history lessons and pronouncements like “Government is not a soap box. Government is a vehicle of results and action.”

“The redevelopment of Penn Station will commence this week,” Cuomo said, during the event at Madison Square Garden. "We’re not going to waste any time. We’re going to do a joint solicitation—RFP/RFEI, for people who like acronyms—by Empire State, Amtrak and the MTA for the redevelopment of Penn by a private sector developer.”

But those solicitations have yet to be issued, as promised.

It’s not clear what the hold-up is.

The governor’s office referred questions to Empire State Development, which had no comment. Nor did Amtrak.

Government is a vehicle of results and action...

Sure it is.

Cuomo's government is a lot of talk, some action, mostly PR...



  2. This project will be two years behind in less than two months, no doubt. As an occasional LIRR rider I see us commuters being routed all the way around areas that were until recently accessible. I see some work areas around the post office on 8th, but not much else. It will be two decades before this pie-in-the-sky project is considered to be more or less complete. Cuomo is in over his head. If we could compare his leadership to playing guitar, he's only playing air guitar.

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