Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 4, 2016

Friedrichs Teacher Thinks Teacher Salaries Are Too High

In today's Wall Street Journal, one of the 10 teachers in the Friedrichs suit explains why he is fighting against unions:

Over time I’ve learned that the union’s collective bargaining is every bit as political. The union is bargaining for things I’d never support. For example, in my community, the union spends resources pushing for ever-higher teacher salaries. I’m in favor of a decent salary for teachers, but I think we are already well paid compared with everyone else in the Central Valley.

That's right - this Friedrichs teacher is fighting to ensure that unions don't negotiate for salaries because he thinks teachers are paid too much relative to others in his community.

All I can say is, wait'll he's successful at killing the union and becomes an at-will employee and he'll see how well he's paid.


  1. I wonder how his peers treat him. I wonder how his peers will treat him after they become at-will employees.

  2. How much is that teacher making??

    Abigail Shure

  3. Anyone who wants to can give the government extra money to repay the government debt.

  4. Anyone who thinks these ten teachers are "real" teachers are simply foolish. They were hand picked by the ed-deform movement to go ahead with this case and I am sure they are getting well compensated by some hedge fund company with backdoor gifts.

    1. How much money is he receiving from David Koch, Eli Broad, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity and other rather wealthy groups and billionaires financing his case?
      He's simply a pawn in the ed deformers drive to eliminate teachers' unions and public education.

  5. Here is the plantiff Friedrichs - reasons for bringing the case - and her erroneous belief that -" When the unions protect teachers that are no longer effective in the classroom or who have become abusive at the expensive (sic) of vulnerable children, I have a moral dilemma with that." I guess she does not have any moral dilemma concerning taking away due rights or a moral dilemma with good teachers being fired because they do not have union protection. Where is her moral outrage for the vulnerable children who are abused by over-testing and corporate takeover of public schools? The corporate overseers are benign?

  6. RBE I love you; I really do. But, if the Supremes rule for the union, then we will keep getting stiffed. We are powerless to do a thing to get rid of these goons. They have sold us out at every turn and have wasted millions in dues. They have donated to most of our the people that voted against us last March. Heck, they even gave $7,500 to John Flanagan last year after he led the GOP debate on the changes to education policy included in the budget.

    I hope the Supremes cut the spigot. I really do. We need to starve our "leaders" and hope they just go away.