Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 1, 2016

Despite Silver And Skelos Convictions, Albany Corruption Goes On

NY Post with an editorial about how not much has changed in Albany, post-Silver and Skelos, except for this:

But the only change is that everyone in Albany wonders who might be wearing a wire.

The Albany pols are keeping the Glenwood money - even Sheriff Andy, the self-annointed reform-meister of Albany.

Cuomo also says closing the LLC loophole won't do much as long as there is no campaign finance reform at a national level, an indication he's not going to push very hard to close the loophole that has proven very lucrative for him.

The self-annointed reform-meister of Albany also says the legislature must stop standing in the way of ethics reform or there won't be much in the way of reform.

Which is ironic because Cuomo has a way of pushing stuff through the legislature that he really, really wants - you know, like teacher evaluations tied to test scores increased to 50% in APPR, despite opposition to the plan.

So the inkling I get here on ethics reform is, he's not all that down for it.

In addition, it seems the "Three Men In A Room" model of governance is going to continue, with the only change that Carl Heastie has replaced convicted felon Shelly Silver and John Flanagan has replaced convicted felon Dean Skelos.

Indeed, what has changed in Albany?

The cesspool remains as noxious as ever, with Sheriff Andy Cuomo up to his neck at the center of all the filth while claiming he's as clean as can be, it's that nasty old legislature that's dirty.

Cuomo (or the attack monkey who runs his twitter account) made some wishes for 2016 on social media yesterday.

I made a wish too:

Here's hoping for an early Preetmas.


  1. Albany is a national disgrace. Cuomo is a windbag who craves power. Period. Carl Heastie is a weakling and John Flanagan is an egomaniac who is a shameless cheerleader for the charter school industry even though he is a product of the public schools, sent his three kids to the public schools, has a wife who works for the local school district and had a father who was a science teacher in a LI public school district prior to embarking on a political career.

    The only thing politicians respect is mass protest. That scares the living hell out of them. They have been laughing at our unions for years.

  2. Albany corruption goes on unabated. it is an extension of the corrupt Democrat Obama adminsitration. It will continue unabated as long as their is a Democrat president restraining the Justice department from prosecuting and then rationalizing their malfeasance by claiming partisan politics as their primitive excuse.

    1. Where do I start...Obama should have had his Justice Department deport the last President and VP to face war crimes charges at the Hague. He didn't because he wanted to focus on providing Americans with something resembling the types of Health Care systems that all other advanced nations provide their citizens. Your point of view comes from watching way tooo much of the Faux News network--fortunately while your angry white demographic group is becoming more angry and more delusional--you are also shrinking as a proposrtion of our nations voting population. I need to share some things with you--Trump is not going to become President! Go back into your echo chamber and keep listening to will continue to find yourself out of touch with reality>

    2. You sound like a vitriolic neoliberal. You need to get mugged by reality.

  3. ...and the next President should deport Obummer for war crimes..

  4. It appears the only accountability this cretin accepts is his golf score...

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