Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When Cuomo Gets Challenged

Governor Cuomo was in Rochester yesterday to continue to tout his agenda and declare upstate and western NY an economic success due to his economic development programs.

A Rochester reporter, Rachel Barnhart of WROC-TV was having none of it and challenged him:

Barnhart: “We still have more than 40,000 fewer people employed than we did in the 90s here in the Rochester area, 40,000 fewer people in the workforce, 40,000 fewer people that have jobs. So how can you sound so bright about what’s happening?”

Cuomo's response was classic:

Cuomo: “So you’re a cynic. And by the way we’re gonna die some day, so let’s be depressed, right? And we’re getting older, so let’s be depressed. And it’s cold, so let’s be depressed, you know. You can look at the glass and it can be half full or half empty.

The video's even better.

Sullio and I added some more to the governor's statement:

Cuomo clearly doesn't like to be challenged when he's touting his economic fantasy of an upstate utopia and he clearly wasn't expecting anybody in the Rochester press to challenge him.

How wrong he was and the end result was one of those wonderful Cuomoesque moments that expose him for the twisted individual he is.

The headline at Politico NY summed it all up:



  1. perdido the official site of andrew cuomo aka teachers union hater and charter gotta go list lover

    1. So your uncapitalized and punctuation free point is what exactly? Go read TheBlaze and DailyCrawler if you don't like what's here ok?

    2. I was watching fox news last night and they had on Monica Crowley who has a PhD in political science and she said cuomo will be sent up the river

  2. Cuomo is a fraud and a big liar. Unfortunately, there are enough idiots out there who actually believe what he has to say to keep him barely (and, I mean BARELY) treading water. This guy masquerading as our governor is a classic sociopath and opportunist who has his "spin people" putting every positive twist on every thing he blurts out of his mouth.

    The guv HATES being challenged by anyone. That's because he simply has no honest record of accomplishments to stand on. Sure, he'll claim that he has brought NYS back (not sure from where). But, look at the disaster of his 2% cap? Look at what he has done to education. Look at the disparity of state aid. Look at the corruption that continues to infest Albany. Look at the missed opportunities to build a strong coalition of working with a variety of important stakeholders. Look at all of Cuomo's lies about Common Core and then his abrupt change in direction to distance himself from his own edicts? The guy is spineless and what's worse is that he is a classic bully. The person who posted that Perdido Street School is the "official site of andrew cuomo aka teachers union hater and charter gotta go list lover" is right on and THANK GOD sites like this still exist. Guess what? There are MANY blogs and folks who feel the exact same way in NYS. Andy's days are numbered. The scum can't be removed soon enough! Cuomo supporters aren dwindling in number as more and more layers of his LACK of good, honest governance are exposed ... I have one word to share that says it all: "GLENWOOD."

    P.S. I think we need to have a mass book burning of Andy's autobiography in Albany. I am NOT proud of our "governor." Shame on him.

  3. Cuomigula is a delusional dirtbag low class thug. But for his dad, he'd be lucky to be a process server on Sutphin Blvd.