Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 26, 2010

Paterson's Gotta Go

Both the Daily News and the Post are calling for Paterson to resign.

Bloomberg just threw him under a bus during a press conference about the snow and said something like "Well, I think the governor has a serious decision to make about this, but it is a very serious matter..."

Not exactly an endorsement of support from Paterson's charter school buddy.

Can't say I've ever said this before, but I agree with the News, the Post and Bloomberg.

It's time, governor.


You're a creep.

To send your security detail to the woman who alleges that your top aide beat her to talk to her about the incident, well, that's pretty horrific.

Then to call her to see if she'd drop the charges, that's even worse.

And to top it off, to be doing all of this while you're calling for Hiram Monseratte to go for beating his girlfriend, well, that's just way too much gall.

So forget about just ending your re-election campaign, governor.

Time to go for good.



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