Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And The UFT Didn't Back The Other Guy?

Gotham Schools has Bloomberg's/Klein's teachers contract demands.


1. Merit pay
2. 4 months for excessed teachers to find a job or be fired
3. Career ladder with "apprentice," "practicing," "mentor," and "master" designations created
4. Elimination of retention rights
5. Elimination of all sabbaticals except for health-related ones
6. Teachers accused of wrongdoing lose salary while under investigation
7. DOE wants easier rules to declare teachers "incompetent" - currently city has to prove incompetence; under new rules, teacher is assumed incompetent if the DOE says h/she is until h/she can prove otherwise
8. Sick days reduced from 10 to 5
9. High school teachers would have to cover 6 classes without pay
10. Employees would receive 1/3 of accumulated CAR days instead of current 1/2 when they retire
11. Employees cannot go below 0 in their CAR bank (so employees fired if this happens?)

The city's list is dated September 10, 2009. So the UFT knew this was what the city was seeking prior to the election and STILL didn't work against Bloomberg in the election.

Fucking amazing.


  1. When you resort to profanity your message is lost.

  2. Hey anonymous stop being a troll and slink back into the corner you were in. These demands are beyond "fucking amazing". It's FUBAR, actually. Why exactly am I paying over $90 per month for "union" dues? If this goes through, exactly who will be attracted to our decimated profession? Who will teach our children?

  3. When used for the effect of showing how weak and submissive and collaborative our Union leadership has been with the DOE...I am pro-fanity, too.

  4. I also am troubled by all that profanity. When you resort to language like that I get so distracted I can't figure out what the fuck you're talking about.

  5. Part of the City's demands included giving teaching fellows 10 days to find a job before they're cut. I am a 4th year teaching fellow. I gave up a job paying me double what I make now after 4 years of teaching to do something good with my life. I just don't understand why all of the other city employees are getting decent contracts and the ones REQUIRED to spend at least $70,000 on their education are getting the shaft. The only word that comes to mind over and over when I think of this is "mean". These demands are just mean spirited and can ONLY result in negative consequences for NYC. There is nothing to be gained here.

  6. Paper Lion,

    My sympathies for your plight. I think the Teaching Fellows program doesn't have the same cache it once had for Klein and Bloomberg. I would strongly urge anyone thinking about becoming a Teaching Fellow these days to wait table or drive a taxi or whatever they have to do to pay the bills until the economy turns around, but DO NOT become a Fellow.

    What happens to the tuition subsidy the city gives to fellows if they don't get hired? Do you owe that? Because that would really suck - have all this debt, not get a job out of it, and then owe the city money for the tuition subsidy. Ugh!

    Anon, what can I say...I have few heroes in life, but two I do have are George Carlin and Lenny I would disagree about profanity. I think a little well-placed profanity puts emphasis to somethings.

  7. What about Chris Rock? I love Chris Rock.

  8. Since 2000, the NYC Teaching Fellows program has helped to staff the highest need subject areas in New York City’s highest-need schools. Today, 11% of current teachers in NYC public schools came through the Teaching Fellows program, with 8,800 teachers from the NYC Teaching Fellows program currently teaching NYC public school students as of the 2009-2010 school-year. Now we try to shaft them. "New York New York big city of dreams"

  9. Thanks for the information, Brendamarie. Do you know what happens if a Fellow doesn't get a job? Do they owe the city their tuition subsidy back? I have to admit, I don't know much about the Fellows program.

    And yes, you're right...NYCDOE is trying to shaft them. They use people until they don't need them, then they discard them.

    Ugh! (Been saying that word a lot lately...)