Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 13, 2010

That Didn't Take Long

With the revelation that MSNBC talking head and empty suit Harold Ford Jr. files his state taxes in his home state of Tennessee to avoid paying New York State and New York City taxes, the paid shills have come out of the woodwork to defend Ford.

I even got one on this blog.

You can see his jive here in the comments section.

You know Ford and the corporate whores backing him must feel threatened by the tax cheat story when they send out paid minions onto the Internets to leave comments on blogs as obscure as this one to defend Ford.

I wonder who is paying the comment shills - Ford himself (doubtful), Merrill Lynch (perhaps) or Ford's biggest backer, Mayor Moneybags (most likely - he's got lots of money to burn and longs to burn it on his political ambitions...witness the $108 million he dropped on his third mayoral bid and the reported $500 million he plans to drop on his 2012 presidential bid...)

Dunno who it is for sure behind the Ford defense, but let me assure whoever it is that Ford's political career in NY is done before it started.

You know how I know?

Because just a couple of hours after the Ford tax cheat story came out, Mort Zuckerman - real estate magnate and owner of the NY Daily News - floated a "SHOULD I RUN FOR GILLIBRAND'S SEAT" trial balloon in the NY Times.

That sure didn't take long for the sharks to circle.

It will be interesting to see if Bloomberg's allies and Moneybags himself walk away from Ford.

Judging by the troll who showed up here, they're still on board, but you can smell the desperation.

And why wouldn't they be desperate?

When they're candidate is quoted as saying "I pay taxes there, and once you pay taxes there, you feel like a New Yorker," when he actually pays (or doesn't pay, since they do not have an income tax) taxes in his home state of Tennessee, you can see why his backers would feel such desperation.

Maybe now that Ford's been revealed as a Tennessean for tax purposes, Moneybags can jump off his friend and fellow tax cheat Harold Ford Jr.'s bandwagon and jump onto his friend and real estate crook Mort Zuckerman's?

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