Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 27, 2010

They Belong In Prison

I agree with NYC Educator.

Declaring schools "failing" just so you can move your pal Eva's charter schools into the buildings that currently hold public schools that actually receive A ratings from the NYCDOE - that is criminal.

Klein and Bloomberg both belong in jail for rigging the system for their pro-privatization pals.

And Moskowitz should be barred from running any schools funded by any public money in New York State.

Call both John Liu and Bill De Blasio and put pressure on them to open investigations into this.

Call Quinn, Bloomberg's pom-pom gal on the City Council, and tell her how you're going to hold her accountable for Bloomberg's and Klein's crimes against the public schools.

She thinks she's going to be mayor when Bloomberg finally relinquishes his throne, so she'll be open to listening to you.

Here are the numbers:

John Liu: (212) 669-3500
Bill De Blasio: (212) 669-7200
Christine Quinn: (212) 788-6979 or (212) 546-7757

Also call your own City Council members.

Let's get the ball rolling on this. We now have proof that the Klein and Bloomberg are not arbitrarily closing city schools. We now have proof that they are closing schools - even A rated ones - in concert with charter operators and pulling all the resources they can from the public schools and giving them to their charter cronies.

And we also have proof of the contempt they have for teachers and administrators in regular public schools. Now it's time to hold them accountable for this.



    I believe this "Corp. Board" member is founder of PAVE...probably end up with a no bid contract.

  2. I agree with nyc educator as well and why doesn't the UFT go after them?


    and Children's Progress does have a vendor relationship with the DOE

  4. It's just amazing that such glaring conflicts of interest exist at the top of the DOE leadership, yet if I tutor a kid from the school where I teach, I can get thrown in the rubber room the next day. This is an incredible disparity.