Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day

Once again, Mayor Bloomberg waited until the very last minute to call a snow day.

Here's how CBS2 described the decision:

Kids in New York City can ignore their alarm clocks Friday morning, as the Department of Education announced just after 5 a.m. that all public schools will be closed as the massive winter storm continues to plod up the Atlantic coast, delivering a powerful dose of wet snow, heavy rain with flooding potential and damaging winds near 50 mph across the tri-state area.


City Hall sources said on Thursday that the mayor was confident that city plows could have streets clean and school custodians could have the sidewalks clean in time for classes Friday morning. But as conditions deteriorated overnight into the early morning hours, it became clear that making kids venture out into the blizzard-like storm would be dangerous.

The slow-moving storm by Friday morning had dumped about 10 inches of snow in New York City, where a man was killed by a falling snow-laden tree branch in Central Park -- one of at least three deaths being blamed on the storm.

The city is expected to get 12-18 inches before it all ends. And the storm has stayed over the area and is just spinning, so we probably will be closer to 18 whe it is all said and done.

Yet Bloomberg waited until just after 5 AM to call schools.

What a wanker.

Enjoy your snowday, everybody.

I hope Mayor Bloomberg goes for a walk in City Hall Park today.

UPDATE: Here is how the NY Times described the change in plans:

No school. No school. No. School. No school for New York City public school students. This is not a joke. Yesterday the chancellor said that there would be school today, blizzard or no. Today he said something different. He said, “No school!” Now go back to sleep.

The storm is now supposed to last for three days.

Again, I will repeat - Bloomberg, what a wanker...


  1. If he goes for a walk, I can guarantee that the streets he will be walking on have been plowed and the snow will not be up to his knees. I can also guarantee that no salters will come by to assault him while he is strolling.

  2. I'm sure his UES street is completely plowed.

    If the snow was as bad on his street as it was where that NY1 reporter you described on your post was, it would be up to his double chin.