Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bloomberg Refuses To Honor 9/11 Hero

Wow. Just wow:

Mayor Bloomberg said the city won't back down from its refusal to put a retired fire captain's name on a memorial to firefighters who died on 9/11.

A judge had ordered the city to include Capt. James Corrigan's name on the kust of the fallen at the Ground Zero memorial that is under construction.

But Tuesday, Bloomberg said no.

"We'll fight this in court," he said. "The fire department has a reasonable decision they made a long time ago. You had to have been an on-duty fireman, an active firefighter or officer to be included."

"If you want to delay the memorial for a couple of years, you start opening it up and revisit everybody. You're never going to make everybody happy ...I just dread the thought if we've got to reopen every single issue down with the 9/11 memorial.

It'll never get done."

Corrigan, 60, retired from the FDNY in 1994 and was working as a life safety coordinator for the World Trade Center when the planes hit. He died in the south tower, aiding fellow firefighters in the evacuation.

The city says Corrigan's name doesn't belong among active duty firefighters because he was retired.

Corrigan's widow, Marie, sued to get her late husband's name listed on a wall of firefighting heroes planned by the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum.

She had told The News she hoped the issue was resolved.

"I wish it had never come to this, but I hope this is the end," she said. "This is such a no-brainer. It just shouldn't have happened."

According to this account in the NY Daily News
, Corrigan was working side-by-side firefighters to save people when the south tower collapsed and killed him.

The FDNY has already treated him as one of the 9/11 fallen by giving his family death benefits reserved for firefighters killed in the line of duty and by reading his name aloud at a 2002 memorial service.

Yet they decided his name will not go on the Ground Zero memorial and Moneybags, ever the sensitive, caring, understanding individual that he is, has decided the FDNY is right.

And he's going to spend tens of thousands (and perhaps hundreds of thousands) of taxpayer money to make sure Corrigan's name does NOT appear on the memorial.


Simply amazing.

This is what happens when you give a little DICKtator with billions of dollars unbridled power.

Court orders? Fuck the court - I am Moneybags, owner of New York City. I DO WHATEVER I WANT!

The next time the fire department has to respond to something involving Moneybags, the individual firefighters might want to remember how he has treated James Corrigan and Corrigan's family before they rush over to put out the fire or administer CPR.

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