Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cory Booker: No Toilet Paper For You

Mayor Moneybags' favorite New Jersey mayor/corporate whore, Cory Booker, has figured out a way to save the city of Newark money in these cash-starved times:

Watch out, Mr. Whipple, the mayor of Newark is putting the squeeze on toilet paper.

Mayor Cory Booker threatened to stop spending city funds on toilet paper as one of a string of "savage" measures to close a $70 million budget gap.

"We're going to stop buying everything from toilet paper to printer paper," Booker said during a City Hall news conference in Newark Wednesday.

"Call me Mr. Scrooge, if you want, but there will be no Christmas decorations around the city."

Booker said the belt-tightening will commence on Aug. 2 with the closing of city pools and its popular Camp Watershed.


"He wants to balance the budget on workers' backsides," said Rahaman Muhammad, president of the Service Employees International Union Local 617, adding that Booker has also proposed putting city employees on a four-day workweek.

"Maybe Booker is gonna make people carry those little packets of tissue," Muhammad told the Daily News. "It's not about toilet paper; this is about throwing a tantrum."

Indeed this is about throwing a tantrum. Just like his hero, Mayor Bloomberg, Cory Booker thinks he should get his way all the time on every issue.

When the City Council rejected his proposal to lay off 650 workers and increase property taxes by 7%, he went to the No TP/No Christmas threats.

How like Mayor Moneybags!

The good news, with Booker declaring Christmas decorations off limits, the city can always use the old tinsel, cardboard Santas, and fake Christmas tree pine cones as toilet paper.


  1. Or they can just wait for Grandpa to sneeze. That's the Jersey way.

  2. Gross, there is going to be something else in the school lunch in Newark.

  3. Cory Booker sucks. He is part of that third generation of African American politician - like Obama, Fenty, Ford, and Patrick - who are corporate whore sell-outs/wholly owned subsidiaries of the top 1%.

  4. Somebody needs to investigate all of those kickbacks that those highwaymen got while they were repaving broad street and bloomfiled avenue by the subway. Those two little projects cost 6 million alone. I am sure that they could have done it for cheaper. But the kicker was if you look at the books it was done for cheap a few hundre grand, but the rest went in the contractor's pocket and I am sure to buy few votes to get Dory Cooker back in to the seat he so loves.