Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Joel Klein: Cut School Funding For High Poverty Students, But Don't Cut RttT

That's what the Dark Chancellor said - fire teachers, cut funds for high poverty students, but gosh oh gosh, do not cut RttT funds for charter schools, merit pay and data tracking systems:

Joel I. Klein, the chancellor of the New York City school system, which is competing for Race to the Top money, said Congress should save the $800 million elsewhere, even if it meant cutting federal aid for schools with high-poverty students. “Here’s a chance with Race to the Top to really change the game,” he said. “Why would you take the money out of that?”

It is a shame that Rep. Obey - who has been skeptical of RttT from the beginning and has been leading some pushback against it in the House - is retiring from Congress.

The administration needs some people to tell them when they're full of shit.

For that matter, so does Obama.

As for Klein, I think his comments speak for themselves.

There are few people in the world as evil as the Dark Chancellor.

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