Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama Jives Netroots

This is a joke:

Seriously, a fucking joke:

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- President Barack Obama is urging liberal activists and bloggers to "keep up the fight" to bring change to Washington.

In a video played Saturday at the annual Netroots Nation convention, the president acknowledged that some in the party's left wing have been unhappy with the pace of change. Liberals have been disenchanted on issues from the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the failure to create a government-run insurance option in the health care overhaul.

The president says in the brief video that the combat mission in Iraq will end in August.

It's a tough election year for Democrats, but Obama warned about returning to Republican policies "that got us into the mess."

He says "change is hard," and he urged hundreds of activists and bloggers in the audience to "keep making your voices heard."

Obama urged the crowd to "consider what we've accomplished," then rolled a clip of Rachel Maddow laying out some of the administration's legislative victories.

Yeah, let ME lay out some of the administration's legislative victories:

1. Race to the Top boondoggle to fire teachers, close schools, tie teacher pay and evaluations to test scores, and privatize the public school system by encouraging states to close public schools and reopen them as charters run by for-profit Education Management Organizations - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

2. Force uninsured Americans to buy shitty health insurance from the health insurance industry (bringing the industry billions in yummy yummy extra profits and charging Americans a 2.5% income penalty if they don't buy in) while charging Americans with employer-provided health insurance a 40% excise tax so that their employers will either drop their coverage completely or change it for shittier, cheaper coverage - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

3. Turn the war in Afghanistan into a non-ending, Bush-like boondoggle that costs billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives a year- all to show the wingnuts you're not some commie pinko liberal fag pussy like Dennis Kucinich or Jimmy Carter - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

4. Carry on the Bush surveillance policies without Congressional oversight, continue to erode the rights of Americans, spy on people here and abroad and accumulate more power for the executive branch - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

5. Screw up the stimulus package money by using it for non-stimulative programs like Race to the Top instead of using the money to fix infrastructure, build roads, fix transit systems, and put people to work like it was intended to (and now say that 9% unemployment all the way to 2012 isn't a bad thing at all anyway!) - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

6. Bail out the banks and financial industry, talk trash about the bonus money the scumbag bankers pay themselves but do nothing to stop them or recollect that money and pass a financial reform law that would have done nothing to stop the last financial meltdown and will do nothing to stop the next one either - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

7. Put homeowners with mortgage trouble into a federal program designed by the administration that squeezes six months of additional payments out of them before they get foreclosed on and lose their homes anyway - and use federal tax money to do it - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!


But fool me once, you're the screwhead; fool me twice and it's my problem.

So as a liberal blogger and activist who has been a steady vote for Democrats going back to 1985 and has been blogging since 2005, I must respond with a very terse answer to President Accountability and his merry band of public school privatizers, neo-con foreign policy people, and hedge fund managers/financial advisers as they ask us to "keep up the fight":


Same goes for EMO whore Duncan at Education, Monsanto whore Vilsack at Agriculture and Blago whore Rahm Emanuel at the White House.

That's the fight I am engaged in.

And the only thing that would make me happier than seeing your crooked ass sent back to Chicago in 2012 is seeing you carted out of the White House in handcuffs with a jacket over your wrists for the photo op.


  1. Shazam! Such honesty, passion, and clarity. Which is what a lot of us thought we were going to get when we voted or Obama. Instead, we got boondoggled. I will pay close attention to who the "big money" people and morally-bankrupt editorial boards are backing and vote the other way in all future elections. Great post.

  2. Yes, it is a great post. Obama has managed to betray all of us who voted for him within a relatively short time.

  3. I believe many democrats who supported Obama now have many many reservations. NPR this morning reported that Bloomberg operatives are monitoring the Republicans and If they choose a weak candidate Bloomberg will spend millions to run as an independent. Even if this scenario takes place I, and I suspect many many others will never support Obama again. We will see come November how much damage he has done to democrats. Obama is the worst political disaster in my lifetime I hope he serves only one term and leaves in disgrace. He ran against history which aided his campaign immeasureably, now he runs on his record. He can only win if the core democrats afraid of a Bush/Bloomberg type still cast their ballot his way. The best chance is for someone to knock him out in the primary, perhaps Hillary.

  4. This may seem off the subject, but I think this little anecdote illustrates how completely out of touch Obama is. I first saw this info as a blurb on the AOL Welcome screen, but did a search and it appeared in several other places on the Web.

    Obama wants to give his daughters a lesson in money management and will encourage them to take babysitting jobs. Then they can invest their earning (he said about 100 bucks) in a savings account--at 2% to 3% interest and see how their money has grown over six months.

    I'd like to know which banks, since the big meltdown, are offering this kind of interest rate, so that I can invest there.

    This is really scary statement coming from the man who is running the country.

  5. Pogue, I think you hit on something - if Murdoch, Zuckerman, or Sulzberger want us to vote one way, you can bet it is really in our interest to vote the other.

    Anon, that Bloomberg story is real. He thinks he can pull it out this time, but only if a Palin or someone else really wingnutty gets nominated by the GOP. If it's Romney or Pawlenty or someone like that, then his chances are slim to none. All he would do is take independent votes away (probably from Obama) and maybe even some Dems who don't know any better. I DON'T think core GOP voters are going to vote for the anti-gun/pro-gay rights/anti-trans fat/pro-Big Brother Jew from NYC. Just can't see it. But nonetheless, he'll do some damage, get some press and gets his ego massaged by the usual parasites in the media.

    Third anon, what bank account is giving 2%-3% interest is right. That does show how clueless this corporate fuck is. Best I can get is 1.35% in a liquid account (I don't want to get tied down in a CD.) So yea, Obama is TOTALLY CLUELESS about what we're going through. Thanks for the info!

  6. In Chicago, we knew something was wrong when Obama chose the neo-con Hyde Park Mafia buddy Duncan over Linda Darling Hammond. She was offered a position but she knew where the Department of Privatization of Education was headed. We know first hand in Chicago about the destructive nature of the Obama neo con education plan. Keep a look out for Consortium on Chicago School Research , they are branching out to provide cover for the Neo-cons in education across the nation.