Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rhee Fires 5% of Teachers In D.C.

Nice job, Randi - you gave her the power to do this:

Michelle Rhee, the reform-minded chancellor who took over the District of Columbia public schools three years ago, on Friday fired 241 teachers, or 5 percent of the district’s total. All but a few of those dismissed had received the lowest rating under a new evaluation system that for the first time held them accountable for their students’ standardized test scores.

“Every child in a District of Columbia public school has a right to a highly effective teacher — in every classroom, of every school, of every neighborhood, of every ward, in this city,” the chancellor said in a statement. “That is our commitment.”

All told, the district terminated 302 employees — 226 for poor performance, and 76 for other problems like not having the licensing required by the No Child Left Behind act. Besides the 241 teachers, those dismissed were librarians, counselors, custodians and other employees.

An additional 737 employees were put on notice that they had been rated “minimally effective,” the second-lowest category, and would have one year to improve their performance or be fired.

In the years before Ms. Rhee took over the district, almost all the teachers had high performance ratings and almost none were fired, but students, on average, had low achievement levels.

George Parker, the president of the Washington Teachers’ Union, said the union would challenge the firings. The union has taken issue with the evaluation system Ms. Rhee used, saying that it was designed more for punishing teachers than helping them improve.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, also criticized the evaluation system and what she called the chancellor’s “destructive cycle of hire, fire, repeat.”

“Evaluations should include a component of student learning, of course, but there also has to be teacher development and support,” Ms. Weingarten said. “It can’t just be a ‘gotcha’ system, like the one in D.C.”

Maybe if Randi spent more time with real working teachers and less time with Bill Gates, she would have realized that allowing test scores to be part of ANY of the evaluation gives the people running schools systems the incentive and ability to do mass firings like this.

You can be sure next year Rhee will fire the 737 teachers rated "minimally effective" this year and rate another 750 minimally effective, setting them up to be fired the year after.

If she's still around in five years (and god knows, I hope she's not), she'll have an entire new teaching corps in D.C.

teacher will get rated "ineffective" and fired.

And this will be done in state after state thanks to an anti-teacher Democratic administration pushing these kinds of policies and a union like the AFT and union leaders like Randi Weingarten NOT fighting them in the first place.

The next place this is going to happen is New York State.

With the Regents set to make tests "harder" and have thousands more students fail next spring, you can bet Klein and Bloomberg will be firing thousands of teachers here in NYC with Obama's blessing.

Unless the unions overturn test scores tied to evaluations, school systems are going to fire hundreds or thousands of teachers every year.

And you can bet most of them will be making top salary and be veterans.

It's a win-win for Rhee, Klein, Obama and company - turn over the teaching corps every five years so that you never have anybody making more than Step #5 on the salary chart.

And since it takes ten years to get vested for a pension, you'll never have anybody taking home a pension either.

It's genius and why Weingarten and Company didn't see this coming with the changes to school financing, the changes to teacher evals, and the preponderance of tying tests to every goddamned thing in school is beyond me.

My friend NYC Educator would say they did see it but just didn't give a shit so long as they get to go on convention trips and collect two pensions.

And I think he's right.

Back to Rhee, here's hoping that corrupt bagman Adrian Fenty goes down to defeat in the November election and Rhee has to go work out in California with her degenerate rapist fiance Kevin Johnson at Johnson's charter school.

That won't solve all the problems in D.C., of course, and Rhee, spawn of Satan that she is, will still be doing evil the world over.

But at least she'll won't be doing it on the public dime.

Let Bill Gates, Eli Broad, Mayor Moneybags or some other robber baron pay her for it instead.


  1. I know this is off the subject--in a way. Well, actually I guess it isn't because it would come under the label "Evil Motherfuckers." I am just so terribly upset and this blog at least allows me to know that I'm not alone in my feelings and beliefs. I just received an e-mail from the e-activist branch of the AFT (not sure if that's the official designation)informing me that the Senate failed to pass the supplemental spending bill that included $10 billion to avoid teacher layoffs. Please note that Schumer and Gillibrand did vote for the bill. Several other Democrats, however, voted with the Republicans against it. The accompanying e-mail from AFT stated that some senators voted agaist it because the bill provided aid to the states, while others were concerted about cuts to RttT, charter schools and the Teacher Incentive Fund that would have helped pay for the bill. I just feel so defeated. I had signed the online letter from AFT, plus written to my own Congress people and also a brief e-mail to Pres. Hopey-Changey. Our senators, once again, did vote the right way, but it seems the cards are stacked against us. Can anybody offer any hope?

  2. Re. the above post--sorry for the typos, which I just caught. I'm hot, tired and wildly upset.

  3. I get how upset you are, anon. I had to amend the above post, which angry as it is, was even angrier when it first went up. Between Obama, Bloomberg, Klein, Rhee, Gates, Broad, and the charter school/hedge fundies, it really feels like we are on the losing end of things.

    I am not surprised that the supplemental went down to defeat in the Senate. It was expected to. They used the RttT stuff as an excuse. They had no intention on providing any money to keep teachers employed. The Senate Dems who voted against it, and I use the term loosely, are corporate whore Dems. I don't even need to see the list to know who voted against it. Ben Nelson, Bill nelson, Blanche Lincoln, etc.

    The problem is that the Obama admin didn't really give a shit about the bill either. They are in the business of firing teachers, not keeping them employed. And with the admin now saying that unemployment will stay above 9% through the end of 2012, you can bet they're not worried about finding people to replace the ones thy fire.

    The good news is, if unemployment is still that high by 2012, Obama should end up unemployed too.

    The bad news is, he'll probably be replaced by Jeb Bush or somebody worse.

  4. Oh, in case anybody is interested, here are the Democratic senators who voted against the bill: Bayh(IN),Begich(AK),Bennett(CO),Carper (DE), Landrieu(LA),McCaskill(MO),Pryor (AR), Spector(PA,Udall(CO), Warner and Webb (VA). If you know of anybody in these states, tell them to get their senators'asses. Surprisingly. Leahy from Vermont did not vote and naturally, Joe Lieberman, former Democrat, voted against it.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Somehow there's some comfort in knowing I'm not completely alone, as I sit-seething--after midnight (past my usual bedtime).

  6. I am surprised by some of the names on that list. Webb? I did think ed deform was his thing. Specter? Guess now that's he out for 2012 he's voting his conscience (which means what can he do to keep his own taxes down.) Bennett? he's an ed deform fuckhead. I wish he would lose that seat. he was named to it and has a chance to go down to defeat. he is Obama's strongest ed supporter in the Senate. At least he brags that he is. And Warner is a piece of shit. Never liked him as governor, don't much like him now. I HATE Claire McCaskill. Not enough bad shit can happen to that corporate fuck. And Mark Pryor is an idiot - see "Religilous" to see what a fucking moron he is (that's the Bill Maher movie.) Carper is owned by the credit card industry in DE, so not a surprise there. And Landrieu is just one of the dumbest motherfuckers to walk the face of the planet. Remember her from Katrina talking about what a good job Bush was doing? Sheesh...she is too stupid to live. it amazes me she knows how to breathe. Her family is connected, so she wins over and over (her corrupt brother is now mayor of New Orleans.) As for Lieberman, nothing to say there. Owned by the insurance industry.

    And yeah, I know what you mean about at least sharing the anger and getting some comfort from that. Community is important. I agree with what Accountable Talk said earlier this week about expanding the anti-deform blogosphere to bring in converts. But I am NOT the blog for that.

    This is where you come to express foul-mouthed anger.

  7. I meant I DIDN'T think ed deform was Webb's thing. Sorry about that - it's late and the typos are coming fast and furious...

  8. I was stunned by Webb too. I had read a couple of his books (the history and political ones--not the dirty novels) and rather admired him for being on the side of the little guy. I'm saddened that he's turned out to be yet another treacherous politician. I appreciate your "foul-mouthed anger" and biting gallows humor. You provide a real service too though: you're smart, informed and you write well. Don't underestimate yourself--you're the best!

  9. The resolution passed by the AFT two weeks ago will allow this type of mass firings throughout the country. Check out the teacher evaluation resolution and in it you find the seeds of a national feeding frenzy for the reform/business educators group. Randi may actually loose down the road but will then find a multi-million dollar payoff in one of the law firms that the billionaires use for their agenda.

  10. Now what will this mean for the NYC system as far as layoffs. Mayor Scumberg said what about this . . . there WILL be layoffs, there WON'T be layoffs since teachers are getting a 0 raise, at this point I lost track?

    Actually, my prediction is that there will be no layoffs since they would be all of the younger teachers, which Scumberg and Slime simply will not do.