Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

City Won't Release Teacher Data Reports For Charter School Teachers

Okay, first we learn that charter school teachers will NOT be assessed using the new statewide teacher evaluation system that makes test scores THE determining factor in a teacher's evaluation.

Now we learn that the NYCDOE, which can't wait to release the Teacher Data Reports for 12,500 NYC ELA and math teachers from 2008-2010, will NOT release the Teacher Data Reports for teachers in charter schools.

Two more examples of the rampant double standards the charter school industry enjoys from the political, education and media establishment in this country.

Teachers MUST be held accountable for student test scores - except for charter school teachers, who do not have to be evaluated using this measure.

Teacher have no right to privacy regarding their Teacher Data Reports, even though the NYCDOE acknowledges they are rife with error - except for charter school teachers, who do have that right.

What horseshit.


  1. I also read somewhere that the NYC standardized tests "won't count" for the students grades, ONLY will count for teacher assessment. If this is true, why would kids even care about taking them at all, or doing well on them. If this is true, the DOE won't be held accountable for all of the failing grades, only the teachers.

  2. You're giving horses a bad name by calling it horseshit. This shows Bloomberg's true nature-a punitive little prick, who never got over having a little prick-what a fucking tyrant.

  3. Of course they won't play by the same rules-it would clearly show the public that these schools are no better, nor are their teachers. In many cases it would show them to be worse than public schools.

  4. It's "business" as usual for the charter schools and charter enablers. We know it certainly isn't fair, we know that without all the charter coddling, these charters are unsustainable. We know that charters are damaging to learning communities everywhere. It's an outrage!

  5. We need to foil those reports to show what a power grab this is. This is discriminatory. It needs to go to Federal Court. No double standard can be permitted under any circumstances. The loss of due process is a violation of both the U.S. And N.Y. State constitutions. This is an issue deserving of a prolonged strike. Let the citizens know that we are the ones who teach their kids. What kind of a despicable example are we setting with our lack of action to a direct threat on our ability to earn a living. The union are craven cowards. They have no legitimacy. We need to set an example by withholding our labor. Screw the Taylor law. It is unconstitutional. The pussies over at 52.Broadway have had ample time and money to challenge the law in court. A strike from the rank and fiLe is our only hope. We have and will continue to be sold out by the crooked thieving union. It is time to rise up and let the pricks who sold us out see the raw power of labor. We are not bababysitters. Lets see one percent feels when parents have nowhere to park their kids

    Angry Nog.

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