Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 24, 2012

NY Post Education Reporter: MOE on Teacher Data Reports As High As 75% For Math, 87% For ELA

You got that right - the Teacher Data Reports which use value-added measurements that Elizabeth Green of Gotham Schools reported "appear to do the job that no measure of a teacher’s quality has done before: They estimate the amount of learning by students for which a teacher, and no one else, is responsible, and they do this with impressive reliability" have a 75% margin of error on math rankings and an 87% margin of error on ELA rankings.

That anything with MOE's this high is going to see the light of day is absurd.

That personnel decisions were made in the past on anything with MOE's this high is very disturbing.

That New York State plans to use a very similar system to decide which teachers are "effective" enough to keep their jobs and which ones should be fired is even more disturbing.

Most disturbing of all is how reporters who know this data is worthless and evaluation systems based on value-added are unreliable at best, highly damaging at worst, are happy to publish the reports with names attached.

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